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  1. I work in a second hand store where we buy jewelry. We use nitric acid, but need to be careful because depending on the purity of the gold it can do damage. I use a low karat solution when cleaning my gold.
  2. We were both rewarded for hard work and long days in the sun. It's going to be hard not to expect that result everytime now Haha. I can't believe that I have to wait 1 1/2 weeks to get back out.
  3. I decided to just drool Haha. I think that the only thing holding the gold on is the conglomerate. I'm scared to clean it up anymore than it is.
  4. I knew he had found something great because there were other things yelled before that hahaha. Here is what I found the day before. Those were the best three days I've had in quite a while.
  5. Unfortunately I made a big error. I FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE BEFORE ADDING THE GOLD TO MY EXISTING STUFF! Instead, here is a picture of four days worth of work.
  6. Don't mind the dirty fingers. Here is the gold a little more cleaned up.
  7. What a day. I can't wait to go back.
  8. Thank you. The only reason I found this was because AllenJ had an idea. His idea paid out. Yeah, I was tired of lurking. I also plan to live vicariously through others once the fall semester starts.
  9. Hello all. My name is Spencer. I'm AllenJ's son. We've been prospecting for about 1.5 years now in the Butte County, CA area. It started with me purchasing a Gold Bug 2. My father and I went up to the French Creek area to test the detector out and after finding a bunch of shot, we were infected with the sickness and have dedicated most of our free time to prospecting since. I'm not able to get out as much as last year due to being in school again for the first time in 10 years, but since I'm only taking one summer course, we are able to get out about once a week. The attached picture
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