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  1. Just wondering if you carry while out prospecting/nugget hunting?
  2. I'm searching for active claims and noticed a discrepancy between what is listed as Active between the 2 sites. Which site is the more CURRENT/Up to Date?
  3. I'm trying to load USGS Hydro Cached into google earth and cannot find a kmz/kml file for this data. Anyone have a link or where to get info on this?
  4. This post is utterly ironic and insanely humorous, considering it was posted on the eve of Independence Day ... bwahahahaha
  5. It's okay Bob, you know which state nazi's I'm referencing. I refuse to play the game you and Clay are hosting. I'm beginning to wonder if you and Clay are state funded employees???
  6. I'd rather pay the lesser of two evils, than the retarded money the STATE nazi's want to prospect. ;)
  7. TYPES OF RECREATIONAL PERMITS/ TERMS/ FEES For more information select TYPE TERM FEES Individual Permits 1 Year $15.00 Family Permits 1 Year $20.00 Non-Competitive/ Non-Commercial Group Permit * Less than 20 people Less than 5 Days $15.00 https://land.az.gov/natural-resources/recreational-permits
  8. Clay, I am NOT a miner looking to stake claims on "precious" state land. Nor am I looking to piss in your backyard Clay. I have my state land passes, PAID in FULL. I already have multiple access points mapped out and plugged into my GPS. This isn't my first time out on the Hassayampa. I was riding out there before the state went all nazi black boot about access to PUBLIC land. No matter the composition of those deposits, I am disagreeing with you on HOW the current topography were formed. They are clearly horseshoe bends, both of them, cut by the Hassayampa at some point and are now weathered. If you zoom out and follow the waters natural course, it clearly shows it hits multiple obstructions and meanders into those horseshoe bends. There's plenty to see out there. The USGS maps show this, so do all the previous BLM claims to these areas. No one, including the nazi state, spends the time and money to stake claims on worthless ground. Again, I'm not a miner looking to stake claims. I am heading out to practice my geology and have some fun.
  9. Not sure if you could see it in the first photo, but center vertical of the image and just to the right of center; there are 2 (two) really, really old horseshoe bends in the river bed.
  10. Land anchors are seriously EXPENSIVE for what they are. Delta or Fluke BOAT anchors work just as well, and are priced under $100 US.
  11. Then I zoomed in real close ...
  12. So, I was looking for access to an area and spotted this weird site in the river bend
  13. I am really intrigued by the alluvial fan from this river, and would love to prospect this area.
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