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  1. LOL funny you mention "... over seas, behind great walls..." there's a chinese dude who's gobbling up old claims at a record pace, as soon as it falls off he's got it ... usually follows old AU claims, even if they're not "really" AU sites, even sites that aren't known producers ...
  2. It's truly looking that way. I'm 6 claims in, working east from the Vulture claims to the claims in the Morristown area (around Bills place) and out in the Bumble Bee area ... I've even hit to OLD claims north of Lake Pleasant ... EVERY single claim is loaded with TRASH, bullets, lead, soda/beer cans and plain old garbage. I was out today on another claim off I-17 that was chock full of old (modern day) mining garbage; hoses, screens, cans, etc... not to mention all the broken glass and targets on one end of the claim. I worked the area I thought looked good from Google Earth, did a backw
  3. I just want to know WHY they removed a bunch of mine site from their data?!!! I have mines and prospects tagged that are no longer showing up in the MRDS, cannot even search them by name through google, with the exception of results from Diggings and MyLandMatters, but nada from MRDS ... totally blows ...
  4. A bunch of old mine sites REMOVED from the MRDS online data/map. What is going on with the MRDS?
  5. on this same trip I found remnants of 2 other homesteads way back close to the beginning of the trail leading back here in the valley/wash
  6. no, but I do know where that mill is at. the mill in my pictures is long gone, only the foundations left.
  7. per old assays found of the area and old patent of the area: very little gold, mostly copper and silver with a ratio of 100:1 favoring anything other than gold.
  8. a wide look. left center is homestead right center is mill site
  9. upper right is 3 lines, those are hand stacked walls, approximately 20'+ and 3-4' thick staggered up the hillside
  10. Can you spot all of it? 1x homestead 2x mines 2x prospect pits 1x mill 3x hand stacked roadways p.s. ran across this spot by accident out wheeling in this insane wash in a deep valley. I explored parts of the homestead and a portion of the mill, but the terrain is extremely steep
  11. That is what I needed thank you. And yes, I have noticed they have removed them from the latest. Which is baffling.
  12. This is exactly what I wound up doing. Just took my old brain a minute to figure out I could use that for finding a safe spot. I was thinking the area around Buckhorn was all private property, especially with all the fences and signage.
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