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  1. Want to take out the ol' lady for some panning. Which of these areas would provide her with the greatest chance?
  2. the claims are within the lynx creek mineral withdrawal boundries. in fact, there are multiple claims on top of each other that I didn't tag
  3. The new claim markers we found are in section 16, which show NO CLAIMS. But, section 21 shows all the claims, even on Bannie Mine road. I have the boundaries tagged in my Garmin, even the "claims" marked so that we do not accidentally stray and get shot. These areas are well WITHIN the withdrawal areas, even by the FS map and the plat shows these areas as withdrawn.
  4. Last weekend we were on the creek and ran into a corner marker, it was brand new with a metal federal claim tag screwed to it. Came home and researched through Land Matters, Diggings and Yavapai county records; within the Lynx Creek Mineral Withdrawal, I've counted 11 claims so far. Some of them were claimed back between 2007-2011, and a bunch in 2020 and now 2021!!! WTF?
  5. Can I use a hand pump style BILGE pump to empty holes filled with water?
  6. Can you use a Keene A22 (crevice tool/sniper) on Lynx Creek?
  7. THANK YOU ... heading back out tomorrow to get exact GPS coordinates.
  8. So I checked out that site Clay, and the area is NOT directly listed in the database. One entry that "could" be the ones we found is listed as "Researching"
  9. Found some old grave sites, not on any topo maps going back to 1800's. I know the area was worked by Chinese miners way, way back. Also found a solder dot can within 10' of the first grave. How/Where do I report them?
  10. I'm done with this site and you trolls Time to ghost it's okay, I know your site is buggy. I've read your stuff on treasurenet as well. You can cover up all you want.
  11. Then your software is BUGGY as hell.. I know for a FACT it is recent. Check my recent posts looking for an area to stage along Constellation. That area was OPEN/BLM back a few weeks ago, same with the areas north of Bill, in and around RRPC claims.
  12. You are a rude nasty man ... piss right off you f#@%ing troll
  13. as of now, most of Constellation Road from Wickenburg to King Solomon Gulch is now state land either side 1-2 miles either direction. A huge portion of Buckhorn Road starting from the creek heading north is now state land also. Sizable portions of lands in and around most of the mines and creeks which are not on private property are now state land.
  14. LOL funny you mention "... over seas, behind great walls..." there's a chinese dude who's gobbling up old claims at a record pace, as soon as it falls off he's got it ... usually follows old AU claims, even if they're not "really" AU sites, even sites that aren't known producers ...
  15. It's truly looking that way. I'm 6 claims in, working east from the Vulture claims to the claims in the Morristown area (around Bills place) and out in the Bumble Bee area ... I've even hit to OLD claims north of Lake Pleasant ... EVERY single claim is loaded with TRASH, bullets, lead, soda/beer cans and plain old garbage. I was out today on another claim off I-17 that was chock full of old (modern day) mining garbage; hoses, screens, cans, etc... not to mention all the broken glass and targets on one end of the claim. I worked the area I thought looked good from Google Earth, did a backw
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