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  1. “In ways it is very similar to border issues.” Absolutely NOT even close. However…..I strongly suspect we are more than flirting with ‘politics’ so my opinions are to remain silent.
  2. Not meant to start any fires, just posting simple truths. When you hear someone completely degrade Trump it's beyond obvious that person is short on facts.
  3. Rest assured, there is NO way to maintain a political thread on this forum without a constant, offensive clash of hate and discontent. Simply because liberals refuse to hear the facts and Conservatives refuse to listen to liberals.
  4. Hi all, I'm 'Tempted' and I'm from the old school, meaning I've been around for a long time. I've had basic exposure to sluicing and metal detecting along with numerous other outdoor activities, most of them legal. I have lived in Arizona for awhile but presently live in southern Oregon and I enjoy lurking on prospecting sites such as this one. As my age is catching up with me I find myself more engaged with a computer than a metal detector.
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