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  1. Good information Bob. I think you got me covered i'll still pay a visit to that mountain again in case i find something else there. Today i spent whole day panning searching for placer gold. To be honest its not about the money, but the experience! Got some free time and i really liked hitting the mountains. Thanks a ton and also well done, good work helping people with stuff like that
  2. Bob thanks for that I'd prefer keeping it as something to remember than melting it to see what it has inside.(if its not valuable) there aren't any spectrometers here! only found one in the whole area around 100km and they ask around 30-50 euro for an analysis. What do you think, should i go for it? Could i hope to get any value out of this? i could go find some more
  3. Hello Diggingd its in Greek mountains, not many people go there. Edit, after a bit of research, in the mountains here there was found gold, silver, lead, zinc, but there are also reports of platinum and palladium. There's not much individual prospecting going on here(almost none actually)
  4. First of all a big hello to everyone since its my first post in this forum. New in prospecting, had some free time and summer here so got a pan and i ran to the mountains. found this piece with a metal detector, at first i thought it could be silver/platinum (wishful thinking) but after cleaning it a bit and a lot of internet searching i think it might be zinc. (sphalerite?) I don't have much knowledge with ores. Its not attracted to a magnet at all, scratch color is same as platinum but that wouldn't say much i think, zinc might be similar. There was a bit of green around the ore before cleaning so at first i thought it was copper. was surprised to find a dark silvery inside. I don't have a scale here but feels like something close to 3 pounds. For cleaning i only used dish soap and a toothbrush and some baking soda. I used a steel brush on a drill but it was a bit hard so i removed a few mm as you can see with a cutting disc to get a clear look, then just wiped it with a towel. These are the pics Any help would be greatly appreciated! Nick
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