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  1. I have had a metal detector off and on for years but haven't really consistently used them (never for gold). Now I want to start, even though it is HOT out. I finally took the leap and purchased a Minelab Gold Monster 1000. So far I have found it pretty easy to use (after watching a number of YouTube videos). Nugget Shooter videos have made it pretty clear what needs to be done to be up and running in prett short order. I have only been in my yard to practice ground balancing and checking the detector on coins and other metal objects. No hot rocks to deal with here so that will be somethi
  2. I am getting back into metal detecting after a few years off. I am interested in meteorites, just about anything metal, and gold (of course). Just purchased a new detector and should receive it over the weekend. I have been watching some YouTube videos and found information about Nugget Shooter Forums and store in Morristown (just up the road from me). Will definitely need to see about catching up with Bill Southern for a chat.
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