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  1. actually i have done some looking at dry washing, at this time i do not have any plans to go that direction.
  2. the claim is an hour away from my home, i can bring the sluice to the claim and cycle water through it manually or i can bring home bags of material and run it through the sluice with the powered pump. its works for me both ways.
  3. that was the one to Arizona right? if you mean that one, then it was just outside my driving range, there is a GSSN gold claim much closer to where i live.
  4. for starters i have been panning for only a couple of months, this past weekend i picked up a 24 inch gold buddy sluice. i am also a member of the GSSN, the last couple of weekends i been making trips out to a gold claim, still hoping to find the shiny stuff, now that i have a sluice i hope this increases my chances of finding some. when i first started panning i got 2 bags of paydirt, this was the first time i actually got to see real gold, it was fun but its kind of like fishing in a barrel of hungry fish, you know they are there, and your gonna get one of them, paydirt is basically the same
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