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  1. I did remark that the tray is made to fit the particular box. You shouldn't have to grind or modify but is is a good solution to making it fit perfect. One of the issues is that sometime the material (dirt) gets in-between the layer and does have an effect. I was just trying to fix you problem. Sincerely, Patrick Keene
  2. There is a easy fix for the tray and that is to grind the back lip on the tray to fit in easy. If you did not receive a reply is probably because, we did not get your message or spam or not sure. If you had such a frustrating problem you should have attempted to call us. As we are not perfect and not robots, we try our best to serve our customers. We strive to make the best equipment possible and go out of our way to help people. Each tray is fitted to to it's own box. Sometimes if you have any debris embedded on the foam, it does make it difficult to get in position. I tell people to shave t
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