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  1. Expedition #10 Scouting old road SE of Queen Valley, AZ 90F Hello friends! I hope everyone is doing well 🙂 Went scouting on October 10th to see if this old road can handle the Buggy. I'm guessing it can't. Let me know what you guys think. I apologize for the crappy video(s) I'm pretty much a one man show, the girlfriend is incompatible with the hills
  2. You can metal detect on state land since it's not destructive (i wouldn't). The law just says you can't remove any minerals, rocks, plants, animals etc. which of course defeats the whole purpose.
  3. Thanks guys! I will check that out thanks LukeJ I really liked this place for some reason, but that last red hill going down and up seems like we were going to flip the buggy, i actually scared myself lol. I'm going to plan a trip back out there before summer and spend all day and flatten it near the bottom. The video you couldn't tell how bad it was. Here's the spot i'm talking about. The only way to this area is down the "red ramp of death" lol
  4. Expedition #9 RRPC claim, Range Bull #1 Morristown, AZ 77F
  5. Thanks chrisski, Amazes me how fast they die when they sit. I'll disconnect it like you do when the season is over.
  6. Today's Expedition was called off because the Buggy's battery was too low. I haven't used it for four weeks and it cranked five times than the battery seemed like it was dead. It's on the slow charger now and we're going to attempt the trip again on Saturday.
  7. Hi fishing8046, sorry for the late reply. Thank you very much :) I'm heading out tomorrow to a club claim north of Lake Pleasant, it's a ATV only claim and will take about 18 miles heading north in the buggy to get to it. RRPC claim, Map 14, RR-Humbug. I'll report back...
  8. Expedition #8 - RRPC, Golden Nickel It's a rough video but we're still learning
  9. Hello again everyone and Seasons Greetings! It's been pretty rainy here in AZ the past 6 weeks so I took the time to get the buggy ready for its first expedition. The buggy came stock so I had to add a windshield, hard roof and A-Arm guards. I'm really liking this Pioneer buggy! I'm amazed how smooth it handles on the dirt. 🙂 I took the Buggy out for it's first expedition on December 13th for a test run at a RRPC claim. I didn't prospect that day i was mainly learning the new camera and buggy. I uploaded the whole test run to YouTube, i will share the link below. It's a pretty horrible long video but oh well im learning lol. I plan on filming each expedition but won't be as long as this first video. Next expedition is planned for the first week of January. RRPC Map 17 here we come! 🙂
  10. Thanks I did add a windshield and a roof. The girlfriend will have to tuff it out lol.
  11. Lol. i might do that, also maybe a big RRPC sticker on the hood lol
  12. I'm back everyone 🙂. Took me awhile to heal from my last endeavor 8 days ago. But i'm back ready to go. Note too self don't mess with neck muscles. My next Expedition will be on the 11th, Monday. I have some very good news and since i don't really have any friends to share my excitement with i'd like to share my excitement with you all! I got my BUGGY!!! 2020 Honda Pioneer 700 I got it today from Ride Now Powersports Chandler. I financed it with 4K down. Super awesome, me happy! 🙂
  13. Hi jrdemaris, thank you. that would be awesome. Next week im going to go look at a Buggy (Honda Pioneer). We will need a 4x4 past the purple box. I'll try to make it to the meeting but it's kind of hard for me to plan things because i'm a caregiver for my mentally unstable mother and my twin brother (stage 4 liver failure) Currently i'm trying to head out once a week but I can't go next week (sad face)
  14. Hey everyone I have returned and it didn't go so well 😞. For some very weird reason i hurt my neck i think. i was stretching to begin the walk and than stretched my neck a little and i guess i did something and hurt my right neck muscle pretty bad. Feels like a pulled muscle but i never felt one like this before. And with that said I had to return home. I had about 1500ft more to walk to get too Genes Dream. The blue box is where i parked and the green line is how much i walked. The red box is the start of the claim. I took a few photos near the purple box. The area in the pictures is pretty much how you get to all of Map 5 claims. The temp was great it was 64F and slightly cold in the shade. Very nice indeed 🙂
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