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  1. I can't wait until November i'm going to try to go once a week. I'm a impatient person sometimes
  2. Trip was called off today due to temperatures too high for that area. 97F. Next trip will be before Halloween sometime.
  3. Thanks Uncle Ron I was wondering if a GPX-5000 is worth taking out to LSD? I was thinking it could find something on the RT's
  4. I'm back! was awesome! didn't make it too Sando but made it too Cass No. 9 instead. I wanted to walk from claim corner marker to each corner marker but only made it about 200ft from the SE claim marker. The reason was as i was going i just couldn't resist digging up (everything) hot rocks lol. I used the GM1000 today and its seriously sensitive and to be honest i like my EQ800 way better. I didn't find any gold but i did find 2 bird shot and...waaait for it....i found a new friend lol!! And here below is my new friend! lol. I named him "ClaimJump"
  5. UPDATE: I'm still going to depart on Friday
  6. Oh wow lets park it at "Sando" and leave it there. lol This will be us, lol!
  7. Trip has been cancelled due to Oct 4th temps to reach 94F. It "was" going to be 89F. Again I end up being my worst enemy in pre-planning the season to early.
  8. Excellent! Hopefully I too can find a good spot like you
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