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  1. Thanks Knifemaker84, It's a cool device. Now to find out how long the battery lasts. I never seem to have luck with 9v batteries lasting in anything.
  2. Thanks, the most poisonous snake I've encountered threw out my life living here in AZ is a Coral snake, small and real deadly. I came across a Gila Monster once, there dangerously poisonous too but don't actually have venom, the bacteria in there mouth's is what's dangerous. Once Gila's bite and clamp on to something you cant remove them unless they want too. Also seen a giant centipede once and of course lots of scorpions.
  3. Thank you Au Seeker, I have turned 45
  4. I'm debating if i should go out soon or not during the night since it will be cooler. Or i was thinking waiting the summer out until end of September. more decisions lol
  5. I have question about the minelab pro-find 15, I purchased one and i was wondering if i should return it? I don't really see anyone else using one for some reason.
  6. Thank you I've read the manual and i'm ready for practice
  7. It should be good practice for me i'm thinking
  8. Thanks chrisski, I used landmatters to get some interesting information. I took two screenshots. The purple box is claims from my club. The last picture i posted above was taken from here. From what i'm seeing it looks like i might be in good shape for my first hunt
  9. Thanks chrisski ! I've studied some locations of my club's (RRPC) claims and found a few near me (lol 75 miles). Instead of going to the Wickenburg areas NW from my home location i'm going to their newer claim locations located near Kearny/Hayden SE of my home location. Here below is a aerial view of what the area looks like that i will be hunting for the very first time.
  10. Thanks again BMc. I'm waiting outside for my detector to get here. lol
  11. I think you can see what it looks like for a split second in the video, well...the lower left of it anyway. looks like maybe something "orange/red" plastic
  12. Awesome yeah i talked to the manager of the club today and he admitted me to the club. He was saying they have a upcoming special event were they are bringing in a backhoe to a claim site and going to dig up some dirt with it than letting everyone have at it sorta speak lol, fun!
  13. Teaser video showing something named Vanquish https://www.minelab.com/vanquish
  14. Thank you boulder dash I have some good news to report! I'm now a member of the RRPC, Yay!
  15. Okay great thanks. That makes sense about the deep creek beds. Oh wow 2000 ft.! So basically the bedrock "spots" randomly pop out of the ground where the "dirt" isn't covering them
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