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  1. I have been off of here for awhile Still looking pm me or call 9209462249
  2. Danny Boy The question you asked has been asked thousand of times and the answer you got is the same answer given thousands of times Do not expect any help from anyone here, some have so many claims that they will never be able to check them all in their life time But to let someone on a claim oh no you might find a piece of gold and people are so greedy they do not let anyone on First do research for what or where they don't tell you, join a club and go on their claims where everyone goes because they got the advise Is there still gold on those claims of course but it
  3. I would like to stick with aluminum But thanks Roger
  4. WTB. 12 volt puffer drywasher prefer Thompson but will look at other brands PM me with couple of pictures if you can price and location Must be in very good shape and reasonable
  5. OK new price 3000 dollars
  6. OK, will lower the price to 2750.00 Otherwise I'm going to take it to the beach and check for nipple rigs
  7. I can't believe doesn't sell How much of a hit do I have to take
  8. Still for sale Still in box Shoulder isn't getting better
  9. I have a GPX 5000 for sale I bought it end of August 2019 has not been out of the box Box was opened by dealer to put in a used extra lower shaft to mount 2nd coil on I peeked inside as long as the tape was cut full warranty I never registered but maybe dealer did then you can transfer 3150.00 firm Never tried it hurt rotator cuff Look on minelab if you want pictures and I'm not taking it out of box it's packed so nice
  10. New reply on "Bill, and subscribers I live in Congress AZ of course looking to join 1 or 2 clubs for claims to hunt, which ones to join gpaa was member few years ago lots of claim all worked hard I think,road runners pricey I think don't know how worked over ,weaver not much left in claims,amra reasonable don't know where claims are in AZ or how worked over they do have claims in other states Which ones do you belong to Which 2 would you most likely choose if could have only 2 Best chances to find nuggets Only have gpx5000 if that makes a difference Thank for any help Going to get 4wd jeep if
  11. People with good problem free units don't do reviews very much But someone with problem unit are going to be all over and a lot are so trivial and the dealer fixed it free but they are still going to complain It's like going out to eat 9 times the best food and service on the earth 10 the time food is not as good and you wait along time for service and food, someone asks have you ever eaten there reply , yeah the last time bad service and food It takes a lot of good replies to offset 1 bad Chevy , Ford, Ram, Jeep don't ask a group of men which is best could cause a hu
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