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  1. Hope ther isn’t a posting to much rule. I will come with better stuff and pics
  2. Sweet thanks for the input! Very excited! Yes it is an imer tile saw. I have the grit but have not received a tumbler yet. Ordered a uv light as well.
  3. One of my earliest and favorite specimens. Always thought it looked like a petrified bone. I’m thinking agate. Hope I didn’t do something I shouldn’t have. I can’t wait to polish it!
  4. Terrible picture but is it possible to have opals up here in the up? That little green Blue speck. Real different in depth in person, multiple blues and greens
  5. Upper Michigan south shore of superior. I just love the beauty of them not looking for money. Maybe bragging rights if I found something rare or unusual. Thanks for response.
  6. Thanks Haderly for the advice and link!
  7. Rockin Bob, your right on, this is a quick dry sand
  8. There was some Red now you say that
  9. Lol. I think it may be a hematite?
  10. Thanks Haderly. I picked this up a few years ago off of 95. This was just off the highway, an entire dam made from this specimen . Im going to crudely polish this piece a bit more tonight. if turns out better I will annoy again. lol
  11. 150 orbital sand to 400 wet sand for about a minute and then a quick buff with a drill. (Used to repair gelcoat on tubs and boats) I am so lazy lol
  12. Thank you again for the help. I should have put a coin down to compare size. Going to experiment some more
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