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  1. Fossilized dragon lol. Looks cool any ways
  2. Thanks for the advice from both of you. I don’t plan on making any profit on anything right now. I could cut in half and send each one of you a piece. Anyone else as well, I would be glad to find some more and pass on to you
  3. Any thoughts? Cut and polish, tumble, or cut and tumble? Or is it just a waste of time. I think I know what to look for now. If this a yooperlite, by chance. Thanks in advance. Bonus, the dime is a 1964 I received in change last last week.
  4. Not really, just jealous, they are beautiful
  5. Thanks D and Fuss. There are a few other small spots of blue around the rock as well. The one in light is reverse side. Correct, only visible at certain angles. You guys rock🤟🏼. Pun intended?
  6. I think your right an inclusion. Hopefully I can polish it and get better photos
  7. Thanks for the information. I want to try and get a better couple pictures to post.
  8. Just saw this beautiful opal like shine, semi polish. South side Lake Superior again. Haven’t done any tests yet. Just looking for any possible thoughts or opinions
  9. Thank you for the information on what it is, still a beginner
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