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  1. A couple other finds smokey quartz most of a quartz arrowhead Im going to ask a few locals around the house, I’m original from Arkansas, have you tried Crater of Diamonds State Park Murfreesboro, AR. Pretty fun even if you don’t find diamonds
  2. After doing some research on the property, when you said furnace I got to looking somethings up. Turns out a mile from where I found this is an old civil furnace in the middle of the woods directly beside the creek. Still standing.....Anyhow slag glass, lots of slag glass. 👍
  3. Bob thank you for your insight sir, like many here I’m really not sure what I have. Believe has a wide range of meaning, but if I have to, I guess saying this is my opinion sounds better and easily understood. Now believe and belief, two different words somewhat of the same meanings. With all that was said, so to be not confused it was my opinion/ assumption that I thought it to be turquois. This is why I’m here though, to get more experienced opinions. Thank you again,
  4. I appreciate your response back. Yeah this definitely a great place for people to share finds. I have a few places Ive thought about going to to find out what they are, just finding the time to do it is another question. Thank you sir
  5. 10 and 11 picture starting from bottom,I’m sure is Obsidian it has somewhat of an appearance like glass. I believe there is a mine or 2 in North Carolina that produce turquois. I have found copper nuggets, a little gold, silver, Smokey quarts, and other minerals lots of iron ore from the same creek. I’m going to post a picture of some turquois I believe out of Arizona I saw on the internet and show you one stone in general that makes me believe it’s turquois. I have yet to try polishing any of these
  6. Found this in a creek at my house shoveling stones around over a period of s few months. Outside of Charlotte North Carolina. Also have crystal like purple with same host rock as some of the could be turquois with White solid swirls through some areas
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