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  1. Haha thanks bedrock bob and everyone else. I've learned a lot from this!
  2. Okay, I will look at getting hardness test done.
  3. Here are pictures of the first 2 rocks against the sunlight..
  4. Thank you all for the feedback! I am planning on taking the rocks to another local shop where I can maybe put it under a high power microscope. I will be sure to let you know what I find! Here are a couple of the black bubbles I spoke of. I also found a couple other rocks at the same spot, maybe there is just a mixture of minerals? See last 2 pictures.
  5. Thanks bedrock bob. My first thought was chert, the rock shop I took it to said it was agate, but I just couldn't find anything that looked similar.. Here are a few more pictures. The 1st picture is under a uv light.
  6. Found these rocks over the weekend and would love to learn what they are. These were found in north east utah, also found what looks like solidified black bubbles in the immediate area. I tried to cut into these 2 rocks with my dremel, the only thing that cuts it is diamond.. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello all, Very excited to be a member of this forum, I look fwd to learning a lot. I currently detect with a Bounty Hunter QD 2, and live in north eastern Utah. These are my latest finds... any ideas? Cheers!
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