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  1. Hi everyone. First off, thank you all so much for your replies. I really appreciate you guys taking your time to help me try to figure this out! I tried the vinegar in several spots. It did not bubble at all. It's interesting that you mentioned coral. I don't know if that's what it is but it's what the piece reminded me of as a kid I remember my dad talked about trying to cut it open once but he never did (doubt he had the right tools for it). I hauled it up on to a table outside today and took a few more close up pictures in natural light. Again, thank you for any input! You guys are awesome!
  2. Hi everyone. When I was little, my father had built a fish pond in our yard, which he decorated with various rocks and such. One stood out in particular. It was not like anything I had ever seen. It was very dull on the outside but if you looked up close, you could see the various tunnels and pockets with bits of areas that sparkled. I never found out where it came from. I'm in Chicago and I highly doubt it was found here. All I know is that I'm now in my 40's and I have brought this piece (which weighs 50-75 pounds) with every time I have moved. It still continues to fascinate me to this day. I've always had a love for rocks and minerals but sadly I'm just getting started on the hobby. Better late than never! Could someone tell me what this is called? Where it might have come from? I'd love to know something about this. Thank you so much in advance Britt
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