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  1. Hi

    I'm definitely starting to notice that I am not good at identifying suspect meteorites and I should stick to Roofing instead of meteorite hunting but I do have another one that I would love to share and see if anyone has any idea of what it might be thank you for taking the time to observe my posts

    It's about 30 cm long 20 wide by 13 cm High triangular shape

     really heavy lightly magnetic shines of different types of metal

    Found by the ocean 

     about 30 pounds

    The bottom side had a brownish weather in but the rest looks like it does not have a fusion crust but I'm not sure

    It has one hole 1 cm in diameter looking at it aerodynamically it would be in the tail end

    Thank you again











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  2. Thank you

    It does show some tiny holes I could be wrong but it looks like it has two exterior layers that are deteriorating and the highest elevations in the rock are damaged ,a consistent metallic shyne to it. feels like a rock and not a stone. I did google pics of agatized breccia they definitely have some similarities


  3. Hi 

    When I saw the round stones with the halos inside of a stone that was inside of a stone I thought it might be a meteorite 

    Its not heavy ,magnetic, Exterior looks like it has 2 weathered layers, it's heavily damaged on the highest elevations, it has a rock feel to it not a stone

    I put water on the first and the second last pic

    Looked cool though I'd share it

    and name it (spaceface:)

    Just wondering if it is a space face any help would be great

    Thank you







  4. Thanks Mike

    I was curious myself I couldn't find anything like it it does have somewhat of a crust it is magnetic & the bottom side has three huge thumbprints or damaged

    Stay tuned lot more pics to come

    I love this site and hoping to have some help with identifying some of my findings



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