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  1. Hi This rock has a Black shell with melted like white rock under it Black shell has a metallic shine Broken side looks black turning rusty brown It has a smell like when you put hot water on rusted metal its weird I cant see chondrules like consiteration in a 120 microscope. Found on land,Streak started light black to nothing Filling color light gray Slurry light gray Magnetic 2.9 density give or take Some metal consiteration in 2 spots in the middle 1cm and on the edge .5cm Some pics of window are wet any help would be great Thank you
  2. Thank you. and yes my measurements are not very accurate.
  3. Hi Found this hunting in the forest and few mor that would love to post in the super near future:) Megnatic yes Fusion crust. 1mm Flow lines, not sure Thumbprints, not sure Density, 2.9 Metal inside No streak unless its white,was pushing very hard. No holes inside yet On line has wholes Its missing a peace Found where ocean and creek meet I only shared it because looked like rocks were forming in a circle I was hoping this was chondrules Thank you for taking the time here are some pics.
  4. Hi I got a toy to cut a slice:) Here are the pics, I have been trying to learn about free metal and chondrules and I dont see it. Only 3 lines none circular spots. I'm learning how to cut on old rocks still, I'm cutting every way except strait lol
  5. Thank you I'm taking advantage of on of your quotes regarding local university mineral tastings. I really appreciate the leads that I get from you guys. University of Victoria has a astrophysical department. Waiting on them to direct me to the right department to approach. I would like to know if any one is aware of how big of a sample are hunters sending for testing as well as if I would send a find for classification do I have to send the whole rock or a specific weight amount.
  6. Thank you for the info I did some research I'm sure I'm not providing you guys with the proper information to help make a better judgment This is very unique and has features that I would love some help identifying please Yes it looks broken up but looking at it from the right veiw it shows signs of space nugget. The pic on the wood floor is the true dry color of it. Huge thumbprints and flow lines is it possible to be certain type of meteorite. Flow lines rest of pisa are edited to help better see It looks like a very bright it's harder to get the proper angle to observe for a rookie like me Huge circular stamp or thumbprint it has rusted spots that have that shine at an angle hoping its chondrules Hope pics are better, Thank you
  7. Thank you I'll throw it in the pile Cheers
  8. I think it would be a smart investment for Me To have better magnifying tools to help me inspecting my findings.
  9. Hi I thought the metal look on it was deferent Sorry. I took cheap telescope eye peace put it in front of the phone lol and this is what a lot of the sparkles on it look like up close I hope the pictures are better thank you for taking the time to view my post
  10. Hi When I look at it it looks close to a bunch of layers with some stuff that settled in between it and with the wear and tear from the ocean the lines on the rock were stronger than the rock material and it makes look like lines. The metal is blackish. Thank you I'll throw it out . Cheers
  11. Hi any help identifying would be great Was born today.lo 3.2 density Magnetic No streak Flow lines dry Wet Thumbprints Accumulated dust heavy on one side more than the other Free standing. Top side could use a wash I hope its the real thing. Thank you
  12. I'll put it in a cfoundry one day and see if it melts. Cheers
  13. Hi Here are a few more pics Looks like all black lines were going one way and got flipped upside down and all yellow lines going the other way and in most crossing when black and yellow meet yellow goes over the black. Bottom right showing a mix of black and green accumulation. Deferent shades show interesting elevation It like it was a bunch of blocks that made a circle shape Thank you
  14. Hi I found this on the beach and I have not seen anything like it around yet. Very green exterior especially when wet with metal inside of it. 2.9 or so density. No streak color. Magnetic It's made of black, yellow and green rocks. Rock is wet What got my interest was why the melted lines still had fresh rock on the melt lines that are not melted, and why all the melted colors are concentrated together on the exterior though the inside is metal. Dry pics Damaged area is 7-9 o'clock Pic of window with water in the sun. Pic of window dry any help identify in that would be great thank you.
  15. Thank you Now I will have an idea that If I make a window in the rock that looks like this Or this in the rock Its be breccia or conglomerate Cheers
  16. Hi Just trying to learn about some rocks in my area just wondering if anyone has an idea of what it might be Found at bottom of creek where rocks ar collected 2.87 density Not magnetic The out side looks glazed greenish/gray in color With lots of white+gray+greenish squarish rocks. Looks like a broken section on it shows the interior any help would be great thank you
  17. Hi pass on a lot though I took some negative pictures To help see a little more in flow direction I think The square looking side is the stamp and i have never seen a propeller shaped stamp on a rock that was a meteorite. All beige with rusted like black spots When watered looks like a rusted rock I made a better window but still all metal like look with triangle tips, yet square if looking the other way ,looks like there is rocks inside it Especially under the thin layer that's on it Streak very light brown not much of it. It has arrows Cheers
  18. I got some inspections to do,I'll go through the list of what I can test myself. Thank you
  19. Sorry I meant to share this pic to It was the side that was exposed to the surface though it had a very clean Spot that was different than everything else on it Thank you
  20. Hi Thank you, I left the pile alone and took the same trail to the beach as I do every time, On the way back yesterday I spotted a 5" black rock I tried to dig it out buy cleaning around it and noticed that it was really heavy for its size and had tetras like blocks,took my file and there was a metal like shine,it was 95% buried in the ground. 2.91 density give or take Beige in colore when dry and light rusty brown when wet. 17000 grams It's tiger stripes on the sides and flat bottom Nickel test was negative 2 or 3 Very small Pieces of metal that give a different shine and they are as big as a needle tip Here are a few pics This one will get the name tiger torch because its striped like a tiger and has things that look like flames.lol not sure how to explain this but it looks like it has a bunch of tattoos that look like flames. and things like a shape of a leaf maybe its fossil It looks like nothing that I have Most of the Hill is dirt and not rocks and it was different than anything I was around it. I am really excited to one day have my 1st space nuggets so please tell me if I am over posting pics and I will slow down. Cheers.
  21. I have been in the trades for most of my life and few months in hunting for something, I haven't found it yet.lol but I would like to thank you all for your experienced opinion I value and appreciate the time,and effort that you all put in. Im looking forward to learning more and hope one day I can find my own space nugget and have the same experience . Cheers
  22. I'll get rid of what I have and start hunting fresh. It would be awesome to travel on day and tag along with people who have experience in what to hunt for. I have access to small beaches that people dont have access to lots of forests ,slopes and creeks in the same area. BC gold hunters are getting lucky now days, I think I'm in the wrong hobby for this area. thank you all so much for your patiencpatience and I'll do alot more research. none of my rocks have the definition or the texture like the one in your pictures, its beautiful. cheers
  23. Hi It's 3.1 density I'll keep this one out of the rock garden and put it aside for further testing in the future. It's a 150 to $275 to get the rocks tested and it's good to know Before we go and test stuff because it could get expensive. I know that I am very uneducated when it comes to meteorite , I'm sure if I knew how to give you guys the proper information you guys would be able to give me the proper answer, Thank you so much
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