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  1. You bet I will spend more time doing research to help with identifying free metal and chondrules I like the wax idea.yes my termonalgy is weak, I got lots of learning to do. Thank you for your help I appreciate it. Cheers
  2. Hi Yes You mean one in a million chance I'll take it. Cracked a little bit were the 2 big rocks are fused to it I have to admit I googled the word glypts Yes I agree it definitely looks heavy winded on one side. After looking at it a little bit more it does have expansion and contraction marks . It definitely is not cracked and it looks like That it has a few damages some might be older than the other. But here is my favorite it looks like that it was shot with 2 1"by 1.5 " egg shaped rocks they are a different color then the main body the 1st one turn into a rectangle after the 2nd rock hit. it flew for a little bit as it covered 5% of the new rocks with its stealthy look before it got hit again As it looks like the deferent rocks covering , I think A lot of this rock is made of these 1"rocks just these 2 are the freshest and haven't had the time to get covered like the rest of it with a stealthy layer. beautiful scenery even if its terrestrial You probably think I'm crazy Well you're probably right and it's amazing what your mind can make you think sometimes and believe after observing something for so long Lol Here are a few more pics Thank you for taking the time to observe my post
  3. I would like to learn more about the differences between meteorite gas vapor ventilation lines and terrestrial rocks vapor ventilation lines if there is such thing. Cheers.
  4. Hi Thank you all for taking the time to view my post. I had a chance after work to take a look with a magnifying glass and trying to see if I can get better pictures, I will put it in the rock garden, It had stuff that looked like flow lines and thump prints inside of it I wanted to see how much it would take to break , medium pressure and it split in half and it does have holes I do have a few more to share so I'll put this one away but here are the last few pictures I took I really have to watch my spelling lol. opposit not option of other pic Thank you
  5. It is not that it has holes i think it absorbs water just like mud and it contains it for hours I can file it with my finger tip if I do it hard it knocks the stones out , it really looks like Deteriorated gypsum , The out side is alot more solid I thought it might be man made with a rust layers on it The thumbprints got me Thank you for the feed back
  6. Hi This one had some interesting characteristics I thought to share in hopes of identifying. Don't be shy tell me to throw it in the rock garden. I appreciate you taking the time to observe the photos look at details and feed back. I scrubbed it with a wire brush about 6 months ago thinking that it was a piece of slag. Attracts cheep Magnet Rest of info in pic Cheers.
  7. Hi Is it possible for a meteorite to be so soft that it is easily filled with no effort or packed with sand like granules. No streak test appears fragile Magnetic 1.9 to 2.1 dinsty , small hard to measure Very porous It has groups of granules that do not change color in water. Looks like fusion crust Looks like flow lines Looks thumbprints x4 visible ones Found in free fill that was delivered to help grade the property we moved to recently. Thank you for taking the time to view my post
  8. I'll keep it out of the rock garden for farther inspection in the future I appreciate the feed back Cheers
  9. Hi This rock is beige in color 265g Magnetic 2.9 dinsty Some of the deeper spots have a black/brown layer. Metal shine to it Sparkle in some areas I cant see flow lines Streak was light black first attempt nothing on the second . any help would be great thank you For taking the time to view my post
  10. Hi Thank you for taking the time to observe my post . I truly apologize I did not add streak info. It was not hard to make a streak. I'll add it to the rock garden. Cheers Failure after failure .lol
  11. Hi Here is another rock from around the house This will help me get my Rocks out of the house To the rock garden. Magnetic What might look like fusion crust, beige in color though It has rusted pits. Window was cut through on of the 1 cm pits Dinsty 4.1 M400 grams,v96ml or close to Any help would be great Thank you for taking the time to review my post. Picture, 2 some still moist Picture 4 has water on it
  12. Thank you for taking the time to review My post. Note, I have been taking advantage of the Meteorite. Wustl.education lead you posted Lots of great info Thank you
  13. Hi Please let me know if I'm over posting and I would love to learn how to delete old posts. Going through my rocks around the house that I collected. Slightly magnetic Has a circular shape on one side, thought it was a thumbprints. There are other circular shapes in the rock that are not like thump prints Damaged area shows what might look fusion crust. Super sparkly. I think this one is from the beach looks washed. Filling exterior slurry was milky gray Filling damaged area ripped my sand paper. One pic shows rock wet Thank you
  14. Thank you In this pic it shows similarities to the outside and inside of the rock in different shades Cheers
  15. Hi I found this rock on the beach help identifying would be great It was hard to cut a window with a grinder Covered with a brown rock material on the out side and black stone inside Looks like made of layers I thought it might be Jasper I'm sure im wrong This pic with flash on Thank you
  16. Thank you all for taking the time to review the post and appreciate your simplified explanations I'll keep it aside, for a carving attempt in the future. There are alot of meteorite words that I am definitely not familiar with though dont hold back I'd rather you guys be honest. Cheers
  17. Hi I went hunting yesterday and found a stone that has some different characteristics. Looks like packed sand ,Its very lightly magnetic , like 2 thumbprints. Filing color like clay, has a sparkle,like flow lines,like weird circle on it or two, flat side I'm not an expert nor do I usually pick up rocks that dont have metal shine any help would be great identifying what type of rock it is Thank you Before filling I should take another 2 Mills to make it flat After filling Found in Sooke bc canada on the beach Thank you
  18. Your awesome Thank you for being positive about it and taking the time to view my posts Cheers
  19. Your gonna think I'm crazy but I thought it was a Martin lol my dream . Last pic has water on the rock All black,No streak,hard to diamond file, light gray to white slurry. The outside is full of Little Rock's the are all black Biggest one is quarter inch near the front scattered all over it gets smaller as you get to the back or smaller end of the rock,looks very aerodynamic ,magnetic, Nickel test was negative so I put it in the rock garden Cheers
  20. Yes it is helpful info. Trust me if you cut me, I,d bleed green. Yes I thought meteorites have magnetism Not just mainly magnetic. Ill start figuring the different shades and colors of shine I added 2 window pics of a rock that I dont think is a meteorite because the out side was to textured the nickel salutation was not reacting pink, This one has all the same black rocks but they all shine at different angles in the cut window and very sparkly Same rock with no shine angle I need lots learning still Thank you for all your help you guys are awesome.
  21. I will start doing more research to help make better judgment on when identifying oxidized Mineral in a stone I was only streak testing the window I made in the rock, yet when I streak tested the exterior of the rock it was very dark grey and black. At 1st I didn't think it was magnetite because when I put a needle on a string it would not pull it and if it did it was very small amount to a point where I was unsure if it was my shaking hands or the rock. As well as I didn't think was hematite because the streaks were Gray. Just the usual I made a rookie mistake:)
  22. Thank you all for your help I'll just put it in my rock garden and keep hunting Cheers
  23. Thank you window looks flat black and the grounds are metallic gray It almost looks glassy 1 pic with file grounds 2 pic with out On the one side has a chunk missing Yet it dosen't have any sharp edges Kind of glazed lo Its 8" long 5"wide 2" deep I am a newbie only a couple of years I think you might be right about it being an earth rock
  24. Hi Merry Christmas & happy new year I found this rock and would like some help identifying please. Slightly magnetic, nickle test , little colored, maybe rust Certain spots in the light it has a Silvery Found in Victoria Thank you 20200102_132948.mp4 20200102_132934.mp4
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