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  1. This correct inside for conglomerate? was able to use file to break piece off
  2. Here is one more pic with a little better camera. See how looks like the crust had melted does that on rocks found here.
  3. Bedrock I think you just answered my topic in forum as well. Thanks
  4. Any those helpful? I don’t know too much about Geode, the pics I see when you do google search seem to have hole no hole that I can tell do Geode not always have hole
  5. I found this couple days and usually between I’m able to rule out find as being meteorite by one of the initial test this passed streak test and the regmaglyphs on this actually look melted around edges like a volcano might look got Little bubble bumps where it broke and the piece that broke off( last pic) had a black crust on one side that has lines so what do you all think.
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