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  1. This is the file i have, are these scratches it made?l I think i have stronger acids, will any acid do the job? Edit i put it in HCl acid, its been there for 10min nothing is happening, what acid do i need?
  2. I used a diamond cutting blade. It scratches glass, tried that before the steel because i thought it would be harder to scratch steel. I have a file but how can i know what material it is made from? I have homemade winegar i just put a piece of the rock inside the glass?
  3. Ok, in the new video it is clearly seen, better light. Also all the other scratches that can be seen are done right now. 20190331_182431_1.mp4
  4. This is how i did the first scratching, i did not push hard at all, should i push harder to make a deeper scratch? 20190331_134837.mp4
  5. I'll be sure to let you know when i find out, thank you for all the help. My guess so far is silicone, possibly silicone carbide or moissanite, but you can never know.
  6. I already rubbed it clean, also when i rub it with my fingernail it gets stuck in the scratch, so it is a scratch and i didn't even push hard. I can make it deeper and a video if you would like, it is not in my interest to make things up, when i write something i checked it dozens of times prior.
  7. It does leave a scratch in this tool. @AzNuggetBob I do not live in USA, it is not easy in my proximity to find those kind of testings.
  8. I calculated density precisely it is 2.21g/cm3, it scratches copper coin and it scratches glass. What more tests can i do?
  9. Please opinion did i cut the window right or i need to do it again? It is odorless, someone suggested i should smell it.
  10. It is not made from the crystals and they are not everywhere. When i try to pierce them with a knife it just slides without making anything while on the other parts knife leaves a mark when i press it hard. I did not streak the crystals because of the angle.
  11. I tried to zoom as much as i could to the crystals in the rock. It is identical to natural moissanite that is mostly found in meteorites. Second in hardness to diamond. Your opinion, is there a home test? Thank you
  12. Just wanted to share with you a picture i took of the rock with my phone with pro effect and lowered light trying to capture only colour of the crystals. It looks mesmerizing. You can see it the best if you put your phone brightness to max! cheers
  13. Also, sorry for double post. Can someone with more experience explain to me are these chondrules or what could it be? Other 2 pictures are surface chondrules on known meteorites it looks almost the same, is there a way for them to form beside meteorites. Thank you
  14. Ok people, i know it is a long shot but only mineral i found reflecting that colour and pieces of crystals is moissanite which is natural silicon carbide found in meteorites. Anyone familiar with moissanite, i admit i am not?
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