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  1. I’m looking to get back into nugget hunting. I’m thinking of getting a replacement for my GPX 4000. How does the 7000 compare to the 5000? thanks for any info. CH
  2. Hey thanks, Nugget. I got rid of all my detectors, except the TDI which is a nice detect for coins and relics. So I be looking for replacements of my GPX, and my Fisher Gold Bug, for nugget shooting. I figured I would check out Gerry’s for used one, he did me right on my 4000. Good Luck CH
  3. Hi every one, glad to be back. I was a long time member but have been away from nugget shooting because of health problems, and other things. I now have a new hip, right rotaor cuff repair, have over come sever vertago for almost a year. Looking to get back into the grove. Good to see Tom, and Ron still active but have CRS so it may take a while remember every one. Good hunting all. CH
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