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  1. That's exactly what I wanted to know! I am torn between the GM and Equinox but my primary goal is Gold. I just wasn't sure what experienced nugget/ flake shooters would use. I have some experience in general detecting but not gold especially when the ground is hot where I'm going to be. I really like them both but I thought I remembered that both worked around the same khz 40-45 for gold so that's why I thought the E800 would be the better option. BTW, I haven't purchased anything yet so im still in the process of deciding! Thanks for any help, Paul
  2. I live in the Mountains of Western North Carolina and will be hitting some streams/rivers/mountains with my future detector. Do you guys think that this particular model with a 6 in coil would be my best choice for this area? I will be using it for nuggets/flakes and general prospecting. Thanks for any suggestions, Paul
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