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  1. this looks legit. let's hear what the pros say. I would think start with a magnet, then a streak test and finally a window. Thanks for posting
  2. . . . . . waiting for a reply here. this has now peaked my interest.
  3. Bob, possibly you are "trolling" with this post and if so, I will gladly take the bait. Truth is I do not know where you are coming from though and possibly will be kind enough to enlighten me. I joined this site because of my interest in meteorites and interest in detecting, specifically for gold and each night enjoy reading numerous and varied posts. Recently there was a post about how much gold various members have found in the past so-many months. The best of these rather minor amounts and compared to the time spent, I believe the efforts could best be classified as recreational. Don'
  4. Well now, that just took up 2 hours of my life!! Watched everything I could find on him, including the Paleo Festival 1 hour video. I have never heard of this guy Steve and his drummer Dan, but they rock big time! Thanks for sharing this, I am definitely a fan!
  5. I had one eye done at the age of 50 and the second the following year, and that was 20 years ago. I assure you, the surgery is nothing. You will notice an amazing difference the following day. The first few days afterwards you have to be careful to not lift anything heavy. I have every since had 20/20 eye sight.
  6. For what it is worth, Dr. Gross, who now heads the NASA moon meteorite department in Houston explained to me when I asked what amount of gold might exist in my 74 pound iron meteorite she tested that the trace amount of gold was so small it basically held no value. As billpeters correctly stated above "The value of meteorites is that they are rocks from space"
  7. Love to see that thing in action! Nice score!
  8. In preparation for my next meeting with Dr. Gross and the element analysis she will do, she also agreed to acid etch the cut areas on the meteorite, so I sanded the surfaces for that. I purchased the carbide grit belts on Amazon (120-180-220-320-400-600-800-1000) for my belt sander. Here are a few pictures of the process and and progress results.
  9. The meteorite I have was obtained in a similar set of circumstances. If left with my brother in law, I believe it could easily have disappeared if he were to pass away. If there is a chance that your "rock" is a meteorite, you could review my post "New member excited to jump in" and see what steps I took to get to where I am today. I can tell you from my experience, there is a good chance the process of authenticating and possibly having it accepted by The Meteorological Society will take quite a bit of time and will cost you some personal time and $1,000 or less for the testing. But, all
  10. Just wanted to post another couple pictures of the meteorite which I think gives a better idea of its size. It weighs 72.6 pounds! I have decided to go through the process of sanding and polishing the 2 previously made cuts and Dr. Gross has generously offered to etch both surfaces next time I see her on Sept 3. Personally, I believe that whomever ends up owning this meteorite would love to be able to see the patterns. Of course I would like to be that person, but this is all being done for my brother-in-law and to help with his finances, so unfortunately I doubt that person will be me. W
  11. Well, I don't believe the video is viewable for some reason. It is only 32 seconds long with Dr. Gross is explaining the function of the X-ray machine that does quantitative analysis of the various minerals content in the meteorite.
  12. So, today was the day that the larger slice was etched at Rutgers Univ. I am going to include both a still photo of the finished etched piece and a short video. I donated the piece to Rutgers which will be used for educational purposes. The next step in the process, to my novice understanding, is the mineral and element analysis, which will tentatively happen on Sept. 3. I leave for vacation the following day and Dr. Gross informed us that she has heading to NASA in Houston for head up their moon rock department for the next 18 months! How cool is that ?! She was kind enough to give my f
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