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  1. No it was not exposed! My stepdad dug it up out of the ground just in front of where it is placed now! That is only half of it! The other half broke off and he said it was just beat back down into the ground probably 100 ft north of where it is! I stated previously that it was dug up in 2002, but I was wrong! It was actually 1998 when we purchased the property!! & Thank you for your insight!!! 😁
  2. Well, to be honest with you, there is no one around that is able to tell me anything about this! Unfortunately, I live in such a small town Soo very far from what I would say " knowledgeable" sources! And it is one of those things I guess you'd have to be here in order to get the most impressive view of this rock! I know without a doubt these are bones coming through! Believe it or not.... Lol we have actually had someone actually think they would be able to steal this rock by coming in the middle of the night with a truck and trailer and load it up!! Boy were they wrong! The only thing they e
  3. This is a GIANT rock that was unearthed on my property during build in 2002! What started out just a huge round boulder, has definitely worn down over time! Over the years many unusual and interesting things have shown through! I have discovered bones coming through on this rock! I'm no expert! I would love to know what these bones come from!!!
  4. Hello there! I am a new member here and first would like to thank who ever thought up this forum! I have been searching the internet for months for something like this! 😁 I also have found several rocks that I am no certain of! They all pass the " meteorite testing" but I am still uncertain where to have them tested! I am from a very small town and no one at all close to me qualified in examining my rocks! They are highly magnet, metallic underlying & VERY dense for their size!
  5. Hello, from a small town in Florida..👽
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