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    Correlation between lode gold and placer, “chemical” veins through bedrock east-west, Apache Indian and Spaniards gold quest, fine gold extraction from rock, 1980s cold war training “accidents” -shrapnel. tangible oddities. Good vs Evil. Semper Fidelis

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  1. western side of the ridge immediately east of rainbow springs the bigger the piece the bigger the “crater” 4-6 inches in each “crater” so far have found mostly in a north south direction spread so far 700yards
  2. my garret cant decide what number sticks either, 29-49-79 solidly bounces between
  3. hit them with a file, grinder, sledgehammer, soaked in nitric for 24 hrs.
  4. sorry it’s taken so long to reply. these objects have been bugging my subconscious. i’ve found more i am leaning on them being shrapnel.. will post pics soon
  5. silver and mercury, amalgam. when a couple drops of mercury are added to silver dissolved in nitric....and left unstirred strange shapes are made from the resulting reaction. old miner “alchemy”
  6. the tip is broken off but i believe it to be the first run bowie knife made from an old basterd file(look how BUCK knifes started).
  7. ladies ladies, please.. food for thought, here comes a pic of a blade i found in the bradshaw’s near some other imaginatory things.
  8. ok i’m not sure about “poodle fever” but is white man the only ones who smelted gold? or maybe there is a better explanation for a 23.5g nugget?
  9. I thought I was posting in the right place, I was hoping to fill in some blanks on the possibility of hidden Spanish gold in the Bradshaw’s..it was a name given to me by a group of snipers conducting training near a mine where I work.. I am not a fire investigator but have worked alongside more than a few in the past while on arson fires. I plan on getting a detector because I seem to only have the eye for more natural artifacts. The main reason I am interested is the lack of answers about the origin of said artifact that resembles a bugle or horn and due to the nature of its location and pro
  10. i hope i posted in the correct area/page just looking for input and answers, i am a modern weapon speacialist, patriot, and sawyer with “in field” experience for over ten years in the bradshaw mountains of arizona not limited to tracking, POI, geology, chemistry, weather, plants, animal behavior, fire behavior, the ability to see things from long ago when all factors are taken into consideration, land of the apache, the weaver party, and the real “wild west.” thank you for reading.
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