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  1. Thanks gentlemen. i will do it and report back. o did find fossils in it as well...shells and creatures.
  2. So my grandson and I were collecting rocks from my land in N.E. Oklahoma around chelsea okla. I found these elongated rocks with what looks like a rock growth on them. they are brittle I dropped one and it broke with ease. You can see in pic the center of the broken one. If you tap them together while loading they sound metallic ish. they are seemingly heavy. smooth but in places looks like a growth. The growth is as hard as rock itself. Thanks ahead for your help. the first pic is the broken one. its mate is in the forground.
  3. Hello fellow rock hounds and treasure hunters. I in my older age have slowed down a bit. I enjoy mother earth and Gods great handy work. my grandson and I both have detectors and are always searching for treasure, rocks and anything of wonder. Thanks ahead for the welcomes. I joined because I have found some very interested rocks that I as an ignorant person would guess to be ancient sea bed fossilized coral here in Oklahoma. I will post in appropriate area. Thanks have a great day.
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