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  1. I can't get the right sand paper at this time, so I used what I had right now a cutting wheel and P60 paper. This is what I got. It's about the same on the inside as it is the out. It did leave a whitish gray color tho. Sorry about my spelling and punctuation I have been busy trying to multi task and I'm running on no sleep from last night. I really don't know much about this. And haven't had time to study more about it. Should I still sand it down with finer sand paper, send a pic to a university or do you think it's just a weird rock.
  2. It's not conductive lol. In a dark room the spark looks like it goes straight in one side and out the other. It still acted alot different the the other stones I tried it on. I'll have to go buy some sand paper. To make the window. I tried a metal file and I couldn't get it to take a layer off at all. I have a grinder for sand paper tho. After I grind it down I'll see what it looks like and upload some pictures.
  3. The spark definitely goes thru the stone. I tried the same thing with about a dozen different rocks I have with me. I have multi-meter I just have to find it. I can record a video of the spark traveling thru it too. The spark will only jump about a half inch. And I can hold the sparker a half inch from it, and my finger on the opposite side a half inch and it goes straight thru.
  4. I never really took the time to try to find out what it is exactly I collect alot of rocks that are unique. This one just stuck out more. It's not magnetic at all even with a strong magnet. It rusts tho and is conductive. I can scrub the rust color off then a few days later it comes back. And it's really dense. I tried to take a metal file too it and could barely scratch the surface.
  5. Sorry lol I must not have posted the pics right.
  6. I placed a strong magnet to it and there is no push or pull. But I took a grill igniter sparker lol. Idk what there called you press the button and it sparks. Anyway the I placed my finger on one side and the sparker on the other side and it traveled through and shocked me. So it is conductive. I am really confused with this. If it isn't a metorite I still want to know what it it.
  7. I found this rock a few years ago. Im not sure if it is a metorite it looks alot like one and has most of the signs it is except it is not magnetic although you can clearly see rust in it. I can scrub the rust off and within a few days it comes back. And it looks like it has little spots of some kind of metal. Iam really hoping it is real. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it.
  8. I came across this form after searching for ways to determine a metorite from a rock. I have a rock that resembles a metorite. I've had it for a few years now and am hoping I find some help with it. I will find the forum to post it in and out pics there any help would be appreciated
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