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  1. Thank y’all for your replies. I too think it’s real malachite specimen. I have other malachite specimens. This one is to pretty to be a “rock” lol thanks again roxyann gem& mineral show 4-6 4-7 if your anywhere close go it’s well worth it
  2. Hello, it’s been awhile since my last posting. I kinda figure that y’all got tired of viewing my collection. A friend gave this to me. I think that it’s is real at first glance I thought it was man made. I appreciate any thoughts you have on this. Roxyann gem and mineral show 4-6 4-7 at the Jackson County expo center can’t wait. If in the area it’s a good event. Thank you for any replies
  3. Rotf lol too funny Old Tom compressed leavarite! darn funny
  4. The one in your hand (video) I’d bet on it not obsidian the other specimen reminds me of jasper.
  5. I agree with bedrock bob fluorite. Do you have a UV flashlight?
  6. I want to wish all my nugget friends a Happy Valentines Day❤️
  7. Yes indeed mostly from Oregon. Thank you for asking and looking at some of my collection.
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