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  1. So I recently bought a GPX-5000 to see if it would help find some fine gold and less hot rocks. It definitely helps with the hot rocks, but no matter what combination of settings, I never seem to be able to get it to pick up the really fine gold (my “qualifying” test nugget is less than 0.1gram (1.5grains) of some of the local “spongy” gold). I’ve tried the small mono, the 10” DD, and all seem to have the same issue. Really wanted to the GPX to prove its worth here, but I cant get it to really out-do the Nox, except for the fact that it mostly ignores hot rocks. Then I was thinking that more m
  2. Fair enough. I am planning on going to the sites you mentioned, though may not get to them in that order. Just curious though, is there anything in particular that makes you so sure the fragment is not part of Glorieta (apart from being outside the accepted strewn field)? It is only a small fragment. Thanks.
  3. Seems that just attempting Glorieta gets the jokes going.
  4. Glad everyone finds my posts so amusing. Maybe I am just a newbie wasting my time swinging my coil around in the forest, but so what, its just up the road from me.
  5. Waiting to get some time on an SEM to get the EDX analysis on that filed off spot.
  6. Been looking at some of the past producers in NM, and the mines around Elizabethtown are always on the top of the list, but it looks like all of it is now on the Mutz ranch (or on pueblo land). Just wondering if anyone has had any success getting premission to prospect (pan or detect) on the ranch. Thanks
  7. Thanks Bob! That's right along the lines of what I was thinking. What irked me was that so many sites say that if you see a streak, its not a meteorite, which is wrong. It might be true for a stoney, but not an iron. Just confuses the heck out of people. Like you said, its just one test, but its a good indicator for an iron.
  8. I"m just going off the original publications. No idea if I'm in the "right" area, but recovered a few small Iron fragments that arn't magnetite. Sent a few pics over to UNM; waiting to hear back. I also use a landowner map app, so I got a pretty precise location of the property line patchwork. Again, we're probably going to go back to hunt around more, whenever the weather warms up a bit, if anyone cares to join.
  9. Ok, thanks, that makes more sense. Wish they had a more detailed ID flow chart (separate irons vs stonies, etc). Thanks!
  10. Oh I get it now. One thing though, at least on Wikipedia, Kamacite is listed as giving a gray streak: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamacite So why do so many places say a meteorite is supposed to streak clear? Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the reply. Wouldnt you want a streak plate that has a hardness in between magnetite and kamacite? I guess I also dont understand why everyone says that the meteorite won't streak, if its hardness is only 4? Here's an example: http://meteorite.unm.edu/meteorites/meteorite-museum/how-id-meteorite/
  12. Hi everyone, New to the forum/hobby. Just had a quick question on meteorite ID'ing. Came across hematite/magnetite several times, and the usual ID flow chart usually includes the unglazed tile streak test. My only confusion is that while the tile usually is listed as having a Mohs hardness of 6, with magnetite at around 5.5-6.5, Kamacite is usually listed at 4... Am I missing something here? Thanks
  13. Hey, new to the forum. Just wondering if there was anyone local who knows the area and was willing to take a couple of us from Abq to the area. I know the the terrain sucks, etc. We've been up around the area on the BLM side and found some interesting fragments, but would be nice to have someone who knows the area (or better, some of the local land owners).
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