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  1. Examples of cut stones. This material excludes wood. They are "lava" opals and "Reef" opals. I still dont know what the locals mean by "lava" opal. I think its boulder opal forming in severely porous matrix material.
  2. I've been shipping a lot of wood and Reef Opals from Indonesia. They are beautiful. Does anyone know why they are not more known in the general market? Right now im working directly with miners bringing these stones into the US. I need help with polishing and cutting some of them. Check out this 1113CT branch I had before it was bought. Check these out. I have many types at prices that make the guys at the gemshows upset. These pictures are a mix of wood and reef opals
  3. https://youtu.be/Fjkg9FXQsVc Video so you can see how coloration is saturated. Please look at my rough Indoneisan Reef opals. I need some ideas about value and how to polish. Fossilised Coral Reef with insane Opalisation. Kilos of material like this available by serious request.
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