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  1. Sent you a message. Jeff
  2. Yeah, that looks like caliche on steroids! Jeff
  3. Looks like chrysocolla/malachite to me. Gem silica is the same as chrysocolla except it has less inclusions and is more translucent. It is harder too since it has more silica (chalcedony) than malachite. Jeff M
  4. Please don't crack that specimen. So many newbys think that breaking a rock will reveal something inside. Usually it is the same thing that is on the outside! It is really unusual. It looks almost like it has crystal faces on the darker green part in the first and second photos. Maybe a big diopside or olivine. Cool! Also, if you could answer GeoJack's question that would be great. Be nice to it please! Jeff McClendon
  5. Hi, will it scratch glass? What beach or area?
  6. Beautiful nugget Tammy. Thank you and Bill for all you do for the rest of us!
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