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  1. I love the jewelry! Would you be able to melt down a couple grams of flakes into a button if I brought it to you? John (NorCal7)
  2. My folks recently moved to Coloma, CA., and I have already detected their property ( Horseshoes, .22 shells, fence wire etc.). I am having a difficult time finding open BLM land, or ANY land for that matter to detect in the area. I have sniped and sluiced the North Fork at Yankee Jim's, Pennyweight and Mineral Bar, but there are better spots to detect for gold I just haven't found yet. I have busy work schedule and 3 kids under 5, so joining a club requiring mandatory meetings for one outing per month didn't work well last time. I'm looking for flexibility and friends, or a friend who is interested in a cool hunting buddy who can make it out once in a while and hunt. Any help, ideas, tips etc., would be greatly appreciated. NorCal7 (John)
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