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  1. I'm sure its just a coble rock but its cool to see it on a magnet. maybe one day ill find one thanks again guys
  2. what should i see ? same color streak no streak ill use the underside of toilet tank lid
  3. I was detecting and rock hunting and I found this rock it rusted but weird looking rock I pull out the magnet and it jump on it I took a hand full of finishing nail and staples threw it at the rock and nothing stick to it. I tried to grind it down with a mason grinding wheel and well i need something much stronger to grind it down. the part that I did grind down i look with my eye piece and looks like silver nickel anyways if its not a meteorite this is a wild rock
  4. Hi guys Ive been collecting these rocks at home in my yard I have quarts lots of it big quarts theres pyrite in them and other stuff i cant identify can any one help
  5. Hi all I'm new to the forum I have been detecting for many years now and now i have another hobby collecting
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