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  1. I honestly cant tell if this guy is trolling or if he actually believes that he found a diamond/meteorite... and even if there is a micro diamond on it somehow somewhere... it wouldnt be much or anything nor really not worthy at all. Instead of having all this debate why dont you take the rock to your local college and ask a professor in study to do a test on it and share the (printed) results with us!
  2. I would, think how cool of a story thatd be to tell your kids, dad what happened to your arm? Ohhh yea I caught a meteorite with it.
  3. Could do an acid test to, try dropping a couple of drops of vinegar on it and see if it fizzes, if so calcite. (Wont harm it at all)
  4. It definetly looks like quartz, amethyst is typically purple, but I have heard of a few pink ones being found recently (the purple is from irradiation and impurities from iron). It could be that it is iron oxidation making it have the red color, but that would be an external impurity rather than an internal one. I'm sure some of the guys that know a lot more than me can give you a better answer.
  5. Hey they may have taken all the gold, but there could still be a lot of intrinsic value to find in your new land, best of luck to your hunting and hope you find some new stuff soon! Feel free to share with us
  6. So I'm pretty sure this isn't coal, but carbon and to be more exact Glasy carbon or vitreous carbon explains all the inconcestinces to coal.
  7. Well from this point I can turn it into anything that can fit into that shape there, its definetly beautiful, it doesnt have quite the same color play as before, but at the same time new color play that wasnt there before with the blue tint (not the same as the flare), I'm excited to see what types of colors it will have as I start to grind pieces away
  8. Hmmmm definetly a weird find, I think I have to side with Bob on this one it looks to be more of a resin based object with its sticky and greasy properties, I'd try putting it into a fire pit and try lighting an edge or a small piece of it (just in case it is highly flammable itll be in a safe environment) and I dont think this is worth anything, but if it's byproduct of something there could maybe be hidden treasure just lying around that boulder could be worth it to go check it back out and it wouldnt hurt to get a picture of the rock it was embedded in to maybe change our opinions on what it might be.
  9. So my plan was to cut out a smoothed out piece from another chunk of labadorite I had (a bit smaller and less pretty) and the grind out everything to make it to the shape I want (still have yet to do that) some things I've noticed with this piece of labadorite is that it shatters on the edges very easy to it's hard to get a right angle from what I've seen. by adding water the flare is a lot more lively when cut and all the cloudy blue areas have a nice blue tint when wet. Again apologize for the poor cut was just interested in trying out some new tools only way to learn is to try.
  10. I do have one piece finished cut, it's not the best, but I'll get some pictures of it tonight when I get off work. Its not polished, but is sanded down to 2000 grit so I'll wet it so you can get a better idea what it would look like pre polish and post.
  11. Thanks a ton, Bob I did end up cutting the piece and it didnt come out quite as well as I wanted, but I can see how doubleting them could be a good idea I will try that next, also I will have to look up how to vacuum stabilize that seems like something that could definetly help out with setting labadorite.
  12. Hard time thank you very much most of the stuff I get is from Ethiopia.
  13. I had a question about opals for all of you guys, was curious if the color of the flare has anything to do with how soft or hard the opal will be? In example red would be the softest due to the softness of the wavelength of light vs violet being a very hard wavelength. Just a thought couldn't find anything on it so was just looking to see if anyone had any answers thanks a ton in advance!
  14. I don't think we have enough rockets on earth to move it, you did say no size limit.
  15. From a glance they look like they could be shells of some sort or fossils. I personally would love to see one cut open or even maybe try to scrape away the rock around one to get a piece out. Either way it definetly looks like a couple of interesting stones.
  16. I'm thinking the silvery looking portion might be mica, but just a guess
  17. Yes, most people dont want to go look on another website for a picture just upload it on here.
  18. I agree with Bob, just keep rockhounding! You'll find some agates just a matter of time
  19. Looks more like a petrified wood chip Haha, 18-20 I think is petrified wood tho my friend.
  20. Wow d_day that's crazy well palm trees aren't extent yet so hopefully we can expect more in the very very very distant future, but as with everything humans find, for some reason it's in our nature to find all of something until it's to hard to find.
  21. Haha d_day! Good to know! Also 23XLive thanks for the information where you found it might look up some spots to find some it looks super cool!
  22. That awesome, did you dig the palms up yourself?
  23. Love all the bands! Especially love picture 9 and 10 beautiful rocks my dude! Btw do you know what the rock on the right in picture 8 is? love the look of it, kinda reminds me of polished fossilized wood.
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