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  1. Diggingd

    Help identifying

    awesome thank you!
  2. Diggingd

    Help identifying

    I have not, but I will check it out I've been looking for more mineral channels and Haha I hadn't noticed, but you're right it does look like a brain.
  3. I found some new rocks and was curious if anyone knew what they were. I have some guesses, but not sure. The first 2 pictures are what I think to be geodes, i found them in a volcanic ash, green clay, and red clay wall I saw them poking out, they were super crumbly for the most part and would just break apart in your hands, they are full of what I assume is druzy quartz. The 3rd picture is of what I assume is desert rose and last picture I think is some petrified wood (just not agatized). Lmk if I have these wrong please I would love to know what they are!
  4. Diggingd


    I think you're right thank you!
  5. Any one have any idea what this is? It's as white as snow, super fragile just by touching it pieces will fall off. The pieces that do fall off can be broken into a fine powder with just you finger tips.
  6. Okay cool, thank you both very much. I'm thinking about having a small piece of it tested by a friend, hes very interested in it he thinks it could be tigers iron because there is a few hematite Crystal's that are growing through small gaps in the smokey quartz. Very unlikely, but I will post the results if we do decide to do it.
  7. Thank you! Do you think that the brownish crystal could also been calcite?
  8. Recently I cracked open a geode, it opened up to a great smokey quartz geode with what I thought to be clear quartz warts (for lack of better term) growing on top of them, but on the other half of the geode incased (for the most part) are these orangish brown Crystal's that look almost to be tigers eye (could be completely wrong), I have confirmed these are Crystal's and not dirt, because a few are hanging outside of the Crystal's and I was able to pull it off (to small to tell what it is tho) oh and I forgot to mention, i dont believe the "clear quartz" is quartz because under black light it glows light pink. Any information is helpful! More curious than anything!