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  1. Hello from CO! I will be back down to AZ soon. Keep travel trailer there to visit often. Been panning blacksands from washes and want to get into detecting. A GPAA member and have some experience but eager to learn more! Teach me! I was introduced to MD years ago and was turned off by the heavy equipment.

    (And I thought panning black sands was killer on the shoulder, geesh!)

    Since I've been spending more time in Scottsdale and Prescott areas, I want to give MD another try. Overwhelmed researching and can't decide which MD to purchase. Hoping you all could help with that. I want unbiased opinions, none from sales reps or those given product in exchange for reviewing and pushing the product through social media. I'm also looking to make friends to go prospecting with when in AZ as I don't like to go alone. Semi retired, self employed and have plenty of time. (So as Jeff Williams says, "Come on, ____ ____!")

    Thanks for reading. Look forward to learning, chatting and prospecting with you!


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