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  1. Ok If it's still around next Friday (pay day) And I can get my wife to let me have my allowance. Lol I will probably take it. Not asking you to hold it. If someone has cash in hand take it. Thanks
  2. Is the Gold Bug Pro with coils still available?
  3. Nothing real old. 1 wheat penny 1950 and 1 silver quarter, I think it was a 54. This river floods bad. Its shallow gravel on granite bedrock. Water is usually 2 or 3 ft deep with a couple of spots around 7 ft. Last years big flood that took out the bridge in Kingsland TX the water was 41 ft deep over that crossing. Blew everything out. Lots of goodies probably scattered all over the gravel bars down stream.
  4. My best non nugget find was more of a load. During a drought in central TX a popular local swimming area went dry. It's an old low water crossing through the river bed. I detected 4 days straight probably 6 to 8 hrs a day. There was no water flow and the water that was there was hot and full of dead fish. Yummy! I used my Minlab Excalibur 800, Etrac and AT Gold. I stunk, BAD! I would do it again in a heartbeat.
  5. Good to have you aboard. You might want to check out Bill Southers YouTube videos Nugget Shooters Journals. Lots of good info.
  6. Packsadsle mountain is about 3 miles South West of my property. There are about 20 known mines on that escarpment also an old smelter up on top. About 3 miles West from my property is location that was surface worked. There are 9 trenches 20' deep. The whole area is solid rusty quartz. 2 miles from there is a property with 2 shafts. One of the shafts is suppose to be 600'. It goes in at a pretty steep angle. People have been dumping trash in it for a 100 years. Last time I saw it there was a dead cow in it. Lot of unrecorded history here. Was a small bucket line dredge on the Bi
  7. My property is on the Llano River. It's about a 1/2 mile downstream from the Slab crossing. In the past people would call me and ask me to come look at whatever hole in the ground they had on their property. I have been to around 20 old mines. Some pretty big but most were surface diggings. There are lots of old diggings near my place. The pics are of an old mine shaft up Big Sandy. There is gold in the Llano River and just about any creek in the Llano uplift area. Most gold is flower but there have been a few small nuggets recovered. The problem here is everything here is on privat
  8. New to this group but have been a prospectors for years. Used to be a Minelab dealer also sold Fisher and even some stuff from Doc. Had to give it up in 2012, economy. I live in Central TX on the Llano River helped start the Kingsland GPAA chapter. It's been several years since I have done any prospecting but I am looking to start getting out again. Been reading this forum and I see a lot of old faces. I am looking forward to getting out and swinging a machine again. Great Forum Thanks
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