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  1. My results similar to Bills with the 6. 34 bits so far from beat ground and also some small crap at pretty impressive depths......
  2. Nice one!!!!! Yeah, couple seasons ago I stumbled onto someone else's dig hole and not 6" away found the nuggie they, for whatever reason, couldn't PP.... I'll take it and thankyou...lol. I always check others dig holes.....
  3. That's some pretty good lookin stuff Lanny......
  4. That's exactly why I said "rocks" and NOT quartz....
  5. Yeah... this season I've busted open maybe 12-15 small (sounded like hot) rocks and picked out the small flake nuggie inside. Makes me wonder how many I tossed in my first 2 seasons.....
  6. Thanks for that! Pretty much confirmed what I "felt" about those coils without an actual test? I never use the large coil anymore it seems....
  7. people are always finding another one of my secret spots.....
  8. Here's the '83 that I'm in the process of adding a flat fender, spring solo, and a peanut tank to be mounted "Frisco" style.....
  9. Anybody into old Harleys? I currently have 3 old timey choppers, all rigids. Bikes are '39 knuckle, S&S 93" generator shovel squeezed into '54 frame, and an '83 shovel. Black bike is the '54 that's been rode from my home in Montana to all states west of the Mississippi and also TN, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Yellow knucklehead scenic is on a trip through North Cascades in Washington on way to coast and the knuckle has been all over Washington, Idaho, and Montana. No pic of the '83 shovel. Don't ride near as much as I used to.....getting old and tired but still get out a little. Hope these bring back some memories to a few...
  10. Nice pics...nice gold!!! I noticed some pvc on the front of your SDC...would that be a mod you made for a stand?? I just bought an SDC and haven't had a chance to get out with it yet (snow) but it looks like the machine will have a hard time standing upright or level without some sort of homemade stand??? thanks...
  11. HATE the skunk so congrats on the bit. The rake is your friend.....
  12. I got my copy yesterday and was quite impressed! I was expecting more of the "low and slow"...."coil to the soil" type stuff but this book leans heavy towards geological hows and whys with plenty of color pics to help a guy "read the ground" better to hopefully choose more likely locations for the yellow. He brushes on different tailings types and how you might hunt them, things to avoid and things to look for, and much more, etc. Well done Reese!!!! On a personal note....Reese, it was cool to see some very familiar spots, Andys' nugget again, and I got a second laugh reading the hornet story again...it brought back the memories of that moment and I laughed out loud. Good luck on the next book...I look forward to it!!!!
  13. https://www.amazon.com/Finding-Gold-Colorado-Prospectors-prospecting/dp/1719553467/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=finding+gold+in+colorado&qid=1582087463&s=books&sr=1-1
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