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  1. With the help of a new zooming technique I just discovered I was able to capture the closest truth of the stone's visual nature. There
  2. None of them. Though because it was found at a beach, it might got swept away from some place elsewhere. What do you have in mind? Also, if it can be of any importance, prior to breaking the rock, its structure was somewhat round yet grotesque and it had a lot of holes and cavities.
  3. The material that makes up the better part of the rock is typical sandstone yet involves a mixture of different compositions, crystals included. The outer shell won't scratch glass significantly if at all, It seems to leave a trail of dust rather than a scratch. The entirety of the area is mostly defined by Calcareous sandstone and Sand dunes, the beach as well.
  4. If I'm recalling correctly, at a beach. The shell or the outside material is common to the area, it's the structure and the yellow parts that intrigued me. Turns out they clearly continue to complicate themselves within and it does not appear like sand to me. I will try to get better pictures
  5. Looking at what I had in possession for a month or so. initially had interest in its dusty yellow veins and decided to break it only now. It does seem to have crystalised fragments within, and the yellow veins continue. Any suggestions? P.S, with hand lens the yellow veins look almost like colonies of something due to their tubular structure.
  6. Alright. Thank you. The ironic comment is noted.
  7. Hey. New to the forum. Good to be here. I usually collect and examine rocks although this time around I stumbled upon these magnificent items in a rural area, roughly 13 kilometers from shore, in the midst of entangled bushes. A pleasant finding. Can't imagine Its origin. Canine, maybe?
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