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  1. Thanks!!! We are quite lucky in Cyprus, having this magnificent quality of natrolite! These samples are quite common; others are truly stunning Veeeery fragile unfortunately..!! I broke many of them when carrying back home..
  2. Hello everybody, found these beautiful natrolite on analcime background, thought it would be a nice idea to share them with you! All crystals are from the volcanogenic areas of Cyprus island in the mediterranean sea. Enjoy!
  3. I guess i was veeeery lucky, zeolites in Cyprus are found in small lava hills around the only mountain called Troodos! Especially Thomsonite is very rare, and if we are talking about good crystallization is extremely rare! These ones i found them in a single hill (all the others contain lots of calcite, stilbite, heulandite, gmelinite etc..) that accidentally saw just once! It had big veins of Thomsonite all around it, the whole hill was pink! The only bad thing is that they are veeery sensitive, and break quite easily.. Also, they are difficult to clean them because brushing them results in destruction many times.. I have no idea whether its Thomsonite-Sr or not, because the 2-forms are indistinguishable! Can only guess that its Thomsonite-Ca, cause nothing in the area nearby shows the existence of Sr.. Nice sample! Are you sure though the background is chabazite and not calcite?
  4. Thanks! Yes, we also have lots of natrolite in Cyprus, but never accompanied with Thomsonite, as the two minerals are found in totally different areas of the island!
  5. Hello to all, i would like to share with you my Thomsonite crystal findings from the volanogenic parts of Cyprus island! They belong to zeolite family, and globally they are among the rarest zeolites. Enjoy! Large cluster of Thomsonite balls on volcanic matrix (Basalt) Thomsonite crystals texture hhg Gmelinite (orange) with calcite crystals Analcime crystals on matrix
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