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  1. I’ll be leaving in a couple of hours so I’ll see you guys tomorrow afternoon. Gotta get the permit from their office in the morning once I arrive since I can’t order it online.
  2. Okay so right before N. Mine Road when the pavement ends on Castle Hot Springs??
  3. Very nice 👍🏻. That gives me hope that it is possible to find gold nuggets w/the NOX 600.
  4. nice color! Maybe I might be able to find some of that soon.
  5. I just watched Bill’s Outing information video on YouTube today and I would like to go but I have no transportation. If anyone from the San Diego, Ca. area that is going and has extra room for one more person and is willing to take me, I can help with gas $$. Let me know, thanks. Robert aka wygold’s metal detecting adventures.
  6. I went with a friend of mine to a permission location in the middle of suburbia at a early 1900’s dairy farm surrounded by cookie cutter houses. We did a two day hunt and one the first day, my friend found 2 pieces of a silver coin purse and I found 2 wheat cents. The first wheat cent is a 1929-S and the second one we can’t get a date due to the condition of the coin, but we think it might be 1929 or 1939. One the second day my friend wanted to find more of the silver coin purse which she did and continued where she left off at from the day before. I continued around the trees next to the foundation of the second house to see if I could find more coins. Moving away from the trees into the iron infested, dug up hole everywhere field. I moved a large metal bumper (probably from the 60’s) and got a really nice tone. I was using my sniper coil the day before and switched over to my 15” flying saucer when I got this nice signal. There is so much iron trash such as nuts, bolts, nails of all shapes and sizes and not including car & truck parts scattered throughout the property it was driving me bonkers. Then I dug out the plug and out came a lid that looked like a ceramic mason jar style lid. I flipped it over and saw some weird looking mechanism caked in dirt and it clicked right away. I found a old pocket watch and from my sources it is to believe that it’s the great depression era style “dollar pocket watch”. Jumping up and down with joy and I ran over to my friend to share her my find. I think she was having some jealously feelings after finding this watch. About 10 feet away as we were getting ready to wrap up the day I got another nice tone. I switched back over to my sniper coil with the large concentration of iron. I’ve already scoured that area where I found the pocket watch to see if there were anymore parts or pieces and nodda. As I was pulling away the dirt I saw a glimpse of something brownish and reached in and pulled it out. While grasping the item I got excited and knew in an instant what I found. I started running over to my friend to show her my second cool find of the day and sure it was awesome to get some relics under my belt for the beginning of the 2019. The second item is what we believe to be a blues style harmonica reed from around the Great Depression as with the pocket watch. I cant wait to get back out to that property in the near future to hunt for more relics. This property has some issues and there has been problems in the past of other metal detectorists going out onto the property without permission digging up targets and leaving them next to their unfilled holes. The other problems which we did not in counter was the possibility of running into some homeless people as where the best and oldest tree sits on the property is the sits a homeless camp. The homeless camp is so filthy with human waste, spoiled food, plastic food containers, clothing, beer & liquor bottles spread out all over and not to mention a headstone near the tree and a the remains exposed. Don’t worry it wasn’t human but some pet dog. The headstone was a plain rock with writing on it in permanent marker. It’s just sad to see other people having no respect of other people’s property and living like slobs without a care in the world. Other than that it was a fun hunt and like I said I can’t wait to get back out their soon. Pocket Watch Harmonica Reed Wheat Cents
  7. So far I’ve taken my detector out once and found only bullets in the crevices along a river bed near my house. I need to venture out to either Imperial County, Ca. or the gold fields of Arizona to get a good feel and further my gold fever
  8. Thank you, you’ve been helpful. I guess I wasn’t searching for the right website. Plus I was able to get a hold of them thru Facebook. KG though it was funny.
  9. How do you like your X-Terra 705? What type of hunts do you use it in?
  10. I like the idea too. It would be so awesome to see youngsters get off of the couch and put down the video games, cell phones, facebook, etc. and get them outside for real fun and adventures. Just like when I was a kid back in the 80’s. The Goonies was and will always be my favorite treasure hunting movie and when I was a kid all I wanted to do was to find one eyed willies pirate ship and his loot. I adventually moved to Astoria Oregon to try to relive my childhood dreams and Now I’m down in Southern California hunting for lost treasures even if it’s a newly dropped treasure.
  11. Anyone ever seen that TV Show “Diggers” with KG and the Ringmaster? I’m sure most of you have. I did my first hunt of the new year 2019 at a local beach and found this token. At first I thought it was a quarter until I got home. It’s bigger than a quarter and it was crusted just like all of the clad that you would normally find during the winter months at the beaches. When I started to clean or wipe the reverse I noticed the words “Trade Dollar” on it and then the words “ATC” along with an eagle. Flipped over to the obverse it was a little harder to read but the date was easier to read, it said “2017”. At first I was thinking this must be a seaside arcade token. Then the words “Team ATC” and you can barely make out two figures and on it and the top it was really hard to read but said “Anaconda Treasure.Com” I cleaned the token as much as I possibly could without using chemicals and I’ve posted images below. I’m just curious, has anyone else found one of these tokens or have purchased one of these from online website or a trade show? Or does anyone else have any more information about this token? It’s a really neat find for the new year.
  12. I find that No Man’s Land is the best place to find a lot of treasures. While No Man’s Land is usually a huge part of real estate, most of these guys or shall I say all of whom I’ve seen only do the from the towel line to about 10’ into the water.
  13. I do a lot of beach hunting in Southern California and I’ve detected parts of the beach that others hit up hard (like a dozen or more guys from a club or Few other youtubers meeting up) and I would still find targets. Whether it’s junk or not, You just can’t get all of the targets every time you go out. There is this one old fellow who I’ve met and every time he sees me out on the beach. He is going all over the place extremely fast like a tweaker on meth and his coil is always swinging up past his knees. I told him you might want to keep that coil closer to the ground and swing a little slower because I just found this 14k gold ring that you just walked right over it. His reply “oh well”, plus he told me he’s been doing this for 30 + years.
  14. Hello folks, My name is Robert, a.k.a. wygold. Some of you may have seen my YouTube channel “wygold’s metal detecting adventures”. I’ve been metal detecting going on my third year. My very first metal detector and the current one I use is the Minelab X-Terra 705 gold pack. I have three metal detectors, 2 of them are Minelabs and the third is a Garrett BPO which some old timers in the hobby would call it a wall hanger. the BPO was manufactured the year I was born and by golly it still functions perfectly. Most or shall I say 99% of my metal detecting is beach detecting and while I’ve done park hunts in the past, I’m always willing to try out new spots and meet others who enjoy the same hobby as I do.
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