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  1. Man, that is a piece to be proud of! Congrats! Regards, Kyle
  2. Nice job. I recently started doing exactly what you are describing, raking likely looking areas with the blade of my pick. I haven't found anything as nice as your nuggets, but I have pulled a couple tiny pieces that way, and will keep doing it! Regards, Kyle
  3. Thats motivating! Congrats on finding such a spot! Regards, Kyle
  4. No worries, I'll keep the secret in my trunk, right next to the spare tires and bodies.... Regards, Kyle
  5. Nice job! What machine are you running, Gary? Regards, Kyle
  6. Those are tasty! Well done. Regards, Kyle
  7. Thanks for the advice, Tom. I do try to branch out, and hunt different areas, with different rock formations. I'll keep pounding away, and learning as I go. Regards, Kyle
  8. Thanks guys. It's been a fun trip so far. I enjoy a challenge, and this fits the bill, for sure! My goal for this year is to learn more about WHY I am hunting a particular spot. Right now I freely admit, there is more head scratching and hiking, than prospecting. I pick a wash from Google Earth, hope it's not full of too many tin cans, and dive in. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and sometimes I find a piece of gold. Now, I just need more, and bigger, and more often... Sound familiar? Regards, Kyle
  9. Love it. I've probably put another 50 hours or so on it since I started this thread. I do get more falsing from hot rocks than I did with the 11" Commander, but I believe that is due to being able to run the gain consistently higher than I could with the ML coil. I'm able to use slow motion, instead of very slow. Sensitive Extra runs much quieter, and if I back off the gain a couple notches, Deep Audio. Higher stabilizer numbers as well. I liked it so well, I ponied up for the 17x13. It also runs like a champ, though I don't use it as much. That 12x8 really pokes and prods between/under rocks so we'll, it's the one that stays on 80% of the time. Regards, Kyle
  10. Well, Jan 9th makes one year of nugget hunting for me. I've had a blast, learned a lot, and gotten myself in decent shape. If I live another 30 years, I just might be able to absorb something from my pile of geology books. I spend summers in Wa. State, but spend half my time up there wishing I was down south. Here's my haul for my first year. Wifey has claimed the largest specimen as her own. I have been informed it will be a pendant hanging around her neck. Makes up for all the flowers I never get her, I suppose! Thanks for all the good advice and entertaining stories you guys post. I've learned a lot, with a helluva lot more to go! Regards, Kyle
  11. Haven't used this item, but I do appreciate the honesty. Second try is a charm! I just installed your carbon fiber rod kit on my GPX 4500. Very happy with that so far. Regards, Kyle
  12. I bought this for my Wife less than a year ago, but that didn't pan out like I had hoped. She just doesn't like detecting. We went out three times, probably for a total of ten hours or so, and she bagged on the idea. I used it a couple of times after that, but found I prefer my Equinox 800, that I am very familiar with. Condition is 98%, with just a couple small marks on the shaft, from setting the machine down to dig targets. Still has factory plastic over the screen. All factory accessories included, except the arm cuff strap, which is a useless piece of gear on this lightweight machine. I don't remember if there was a printed manual or not, but the PDF version is on Minelab's website. Bill's videos, and a few trips out hunting should do the rest. Just over 1 year left on Minelab warranty. Zero issues with the detector, but it needs to help someone else find gold! $550, and I will pay shipping. USA sales only! Thanks for looking! Regards, Kyle
  13. No complaints from me, no matter how small the piece! I may get a chance to try a Gold But 2 next week. Interested to see how they compare. If the GB coil has more edge sensitivity, that would be a big benefit. Learning a new machine never hurts either! Regards, Kyle
  14. No kidding. Just like the Gold Monster, it will drive me nuts with tiny bits of junk. But every once in a while, it turns out to be gold, and not another #8 birdshot... Regards, Kyle
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