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  1. Nice job! Of all the things I've dug out of the desert, I still haven't found an old coin. So many Levis buttons I have lost count, and wonder if the old timers all lost their drawers while mining. No coins though. Thats really cool! Regards, Kyle
  2. Nice going! That one gram piece at that depth is pretty impressive. I found an old Levi's button at a measured 16" with my 4500 and the NF 17x13, but signal was juuust barely there. Was the deep one fairly obvious with the 19? Keep at it! Regards, Kyle
  3. Hi Craig, Full time rv'er here, for the last three years. I agree 100% with hardtime on this one. We are in Nevada right now, and changed our plans completely, to stay in place until July. That includes not seeing our kids and my Father in law. Expect massive disruptions in services, shelter in place. If I had a house right now, I'd feel more secure, I can tell you that. Interstate border closures are a very real possibilty. Just my .02 cents. The idea of leaving the relative safety I have right now is off the table for us. I know my neighbors. I know who I can trus
  4. Saw the video you guys put up. Man, that would be one exciting day. Congrats! Regards, Kyle
  5. Went out to heavily placered wash that I had previously hunted with the GPX and the 13x17 coil. The area is at the upper 200 yards of a wash, before it fades out into a hillside. I had found a decent amount of trash, but no gold with the large coil. This time, with the 8x12, I finally managed to sneak a little piece out of a tailing pile, about 3-4" deep. No complaints here, I'd been striking out for a couple months. I'll be hitting all the piles again, but with the Equinox and a rake! Thanks for looking! Kyle
  6. Nice! The last piece of gold I found had a similar story. Heavily placer mined wash, that everybody and his brother has hit in the last 100 years, and one nice piece left for me! Been back over that wash at least ten times, without finding another speck. Keep up the good work. Regards, Kyle
  7. Man, that is a piece to be proud of! Congrats! Regards, Kyle
  8. Nice job. I recently started doing exactly what you are describing, raking likely looking areas with the blade of my pick. I haven't found anything as nice as your nuggets, but I have pulled a couple tiny pieces that way, and will keep doing it! Regards, Kyle
  9. Thats motivating! Congrats on finding such a spot! Regards, Kyle
  10. No worries, I'll keep the secret in my trunk, right next to the spare tires and bodies.... Regards, Kyle
  11. Nice job! What machine are you running, Gary? Regards, Kyle
  12. Those are tasty! Well done. Regards, Kyle
  13. Thanks for the advice, Tom. I do try to branch out, and hunt different areas, with different rock formations. I'll keep pounding away, and learning as I go. Regards, Kyle
  14. Thanks guys. It's been a fun trip so far. I enjoy a challenge, and this fits the bill, for sure! My goal for this year is to learn more about WHY I am hunting a particular spot. Right now I freely admit, there is more head scratching and hiking, than prospecting. I pick a wash from Google Earth, hope it's not full of too many tin cans, and dive in. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and sometimes I find a piece of gold. Now, I just need more, and bigger, and more often... Sound familiar? Regards, Kyle
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