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  1. I see more camping trips to that area in your future! Well done. Regards, Kyle
  2. Nothing wrong with that haul! Man, I'd be doing backflips... Regards, Kyle
  3. Yeah, those too. Harmless, but if one scuttles across my hand, I make un-manly sounds, and move quickly.... Regards, Kyle
  4. Saw that story yesterday. Me man-bits crawl at the thought. Not as bad as scorpions, for me though. Every man fears something. A two inch long bug with a stinger on the tail does it for me. I have an arsenal of UV lights, and some nuclear bug spray from Amazon, called Cy-Kick. That stuff works. I may grow a third eye, and two new cancers unknown to science, but no crawlies in the RV! Be careful out there! Regards, Kyle
  5. " I think I had only been banned once or twice back then." Epic!
  6. Say, that's a nice looking bullet! Keep up the good work and best of luck to you! Regards, Kyle
  7. Not gonna miss this one. Look forward to meeting you folks in person! Regards, Kyle
  8. From a living legend, to a legend. We can only hope to end that way. Never met the man, but sure wish I had. RIP Kyle
  9. Wow, that's one angry looking reptile. I really like snakes, but the ones that rattle make me hairs stand up. Glad you saw him first, and congrats on the gold! Regards, Kyle
  10. Good grief. That's amazing. Congratulations, the hard work paid off well! Regards, Kyle
  11. I'm pretty new to this hobby, but I have both the Monster and the Equinox. Both will find the tiniest bits of metal you can imagine. I tend to reach for the Equinox more often, as I am learning that I prefer a threshold tone. I also greatly appreciate the wireless headphones, though they can be added to the Monster as well. Having the ability to switch to a top rated coin and relic machine is no small factor either. You will definitely need the 6" coil for nugget hunting, so plan on around $1100. You won't make a mistake with either one. Good luck! Regards, Kyle
  12. That is really cool. Before I joined this forum, I'd never heard of wire gold. Something new every day! Kyle
  13. Thanks for the heads up! I will research it, and catch up with the local prospecting clubs. We are in Wenatchee for the summer, so I can work to pay off my Wife's "10th anniversary" Jeep Wrangler. Funny how it makes an excellent prospecting rig... Regards, Kyle
  14. Wow, I didn't realize gold formed into such square edged nuggets. Was it deposited in something soft, that eroded away to leave it like that? My guess is the top two pieces, as they look the sharpest. Well done! Regards, Kyle
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