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  1. Smoking, or digging? Sorry, it's been slow on here, and every time I see this thread title, my 1980's brain kicks in😆 I can't speak to Roadrunner specifically, but here in Southern Nevada, the club claims I have hunted have been a good place to meet people, learn the basics of running equipment, and get a mixture of really bad, and occasionally good advice. Happy hunting👍 Regards, Kyle
  2. Thanks! Another odd part of the puzzle around here, is where the gold is found. Under the overburden, but not in ancient gravel, bedrock, or clay. I "think" there was a flash flood or two here, in the last hundred years, that carried these pieces into the washes. A friend and I have dug down, and sampled the old gravel in a couple of these washes, and panned them out, without finding a speck of gold. The wash I found this piece in had been heavily placered. Either they missed it, or it rolled off the screen on an old drywasher. Funniest of all, was a deep detector hole, no
  3. All I can do is shake my head sometimes. I'll go out day after day, hiking all over the hills, just "sure" the gold must be over the next ridge, if I just try a little harder. Haven't found anything yet, using that method. Then I decide to give my back a break for a day, and just drive around looking. I get a random urge to hunt a wash, pull over, jump out, and dig a nice specimen within 300ft of my rig. I'd call it chance, but this is the third time it's happened in a year. Go figure. Listen to the little voice in your head, I guess👍 I know exactly where I will be hunting
  4. That is nuts! Paid for the GPZ in one shot. Well done👍 Regards, Kyle
  5. Always enjoy both you and Gary's videos. Thanks for the effort you put in, the are always entertaining and I learn something new from most of them. Regards, Kyle
  6. Hey, Toby If you are in the area, and all else fails, you might go up to the camp in Franconia wash, and talk to the folks there. Made a trip down there last winter, to guest-hunt with a detecting buddy who is a member. Gotta be a board member in the mix there, place was pretty full last winter, likely more so now. Cool place, but man, if 50 cal AP bullets were worth money, I'd be a wealthy man. 👍 Regards, Kyle
  7. I'd be more than happy with that! Nice work👍
  8. I will look into that. Anything other than knives and narcotics is a welcome tip for sure. If it comes with a remote, I'll have to hide it from the Wife. The evil is strong, in that one👍 Regards, Kyle
  9. Thanks for the tips! I've been back over the wash about 10 times now, with both the 17x13, and 12x8 coils. Even poked around with the Equinox for awhile. I will try digging a bit, and see if that does the trick! I have been avoiding doing much digging, and trying to hide from passing rigs. Both pieces came from spots less than 100' from a main dirt road. Guess everybody else was in a hurry to get to "where the gold must be", and never bothered to check this wash. Now that I am confident the easy chunks are safely in my stash, I can be a little more visible. Anybody else here hid
  10. I think I've heard about that somewhere. If it gets so bad I can't handle it anymore I will remeber to ask a doc about that. I have a major aversion to surgery or pain meds, but something like that device is interesting. Thanks for the heads up👍 Regards, Kyle
  11. Roger that. My brain still thinks I am 20, but the body says 48. Too many trips over the handlebars of a motorcycle, too many hay bales thrown, too many transmissions and engine blocks carried around. They all add up to no cartilidge left between the facet joints in my back. The doc told me the couldn't fix it with surgery, and I told him "Good, you aren't cutting into my back until I am crawling into your office, soaked in sweat, and screaming in pain" He didn't appreciate the humor😆 I will be hitting it hard tomorrow. Today is reserved for beer and a heating pad👍 Regards, Kyle
  12. Thanks Tom! Yeah, I have hit a little bit of the hillside, but I plan to give it a good bit of effort, once I am sure I have cleaned out the wash. The hillside has a lot of quartz float, some with iron on stains. There are dozer scrapes at the top of the wash also. Total trash fest up there, but I'm gonna have to suck it up, and wade into that too. Could be where this came from... Regards, Kyle
  13. Thanks, and I agree. Specimens are fascinating to me. I will hunt this wash like a dog, believe me! My back has informed me we are taking a day off tomorrow😆 The Gpx loves that deep iron trash, and I am only good for 15-20 bomb craters per day, before the old spine says 'nuff. Wish I had started this hobby at 20, but I doubt I would have had the patience back then... Regards, Kyle
  14. Ok, things are getting spicy now! Found this 8g specimen today, a couple hundred feet down the same wash. Interestingly, it appears to be a different alloy than the first piece. Much darker yellow. I feel like that is an important clue, but I am not sure how the puzzle fits together yet. Whatever the case, I am absolutely stoked. I will update as I go, thanks for looking, and more importantly, all the info and stories you guys post. They absolutely help the new guy!👍 Regards, Kyle
  15. Thanks guys. Been out to that wash and a few other nearby, not a speck to be found! I will keep hammering away at it. Lots of bedrock below the spot I found this piece, mixed with some deep overburden. A nice rain might well make a difference! Now getting it back from my Wife is proving more difficult than finding it in the first place.... Regards, Kyle
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