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  1. i tested the density of my rock with a scale and water- it is about 2.5 gramm per cm3. its pretty heavy for a volcanic rock with bubbles but still orobably much to light for a magnetite. what do you think?
  2. wow gets even more interesting now i really wonder if magnetite crystals are inside. but i havent tools to cut it. probably would need to go to petrologist at the university of my town. ty i will inform you what was inside ir i break it.
  3. wow nice. indeed that looks almost the same as mine. do you know what type of lava rock it is. i suspect it is a type of basalt. but i wonder where theres so much gas bubbles in it while other basalt is pretty dense. maybe it was ejected in a bigger eruption. sry my english is not that good ;)
  4. haha tyvm - ok it was most likely its volcanic i know but i was very lucky lately so i thought maybe i just find a meteroite like gladstone gander. ok but yes the rock is very special i testet it back in the hotel with a strong magnet and it pretty strongly attracted. airport security made me open the suitcase for it, i bet it must have seen weird on their screen. then 4 security ppl all held the rock and were amazed by the wheight but finally they returned it to me 😀. and a funky xmass to you too
  5. hey there today i found a very heavy rock on mount etna sicily. first i thought its a lavabomb. but i havn't seen another rock comparable all over my hiking tour. most lava rocka there are pretty light but mine is very heavy. maybe a liitle lighter than pure iron but not much i assume. of course the most reasonable explanation would be its some type of iron consisting lava stone. but why is there no other stone like this around in the area. so what do you think from my picture. can you exclude its a meteor or do you even know what stone it might be? ty for your help
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