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  1. Thanks Mike I appreciate the time you spent with me. I did make it to vulture bait claim. And I will definitely take you up on your offer thank you.
  2. Adam not long just the two trips I’ve made to Arizona.
  3. I don't see no rainbow serpent , be careful the kaditchi man don't get ya.
  4. nugget108 here's what i run NF 14x9 mono general special, extra sensitive Threshold about 1 o'clock I've changed and swapped settings as i have extra coils.
  5. BMc , no I have no question about the depth of the 5000. just seeing if people are getting deeper targets. I've spent 8days in total about 6-8hr/day and everything Ive dug has only been 2-4'' deep, I just haven't dug anything (trash or otherwise) deeper. I aware I'm probably not in the greatest of places but I would assume If I'm finding lead bullets an such I would be finding stuff deeper.
  6. Boulder Dash I agree, are you offering!!? Haha. I am under no illusion I have a lot to learn, that's why I'm here. BTW enjoy watching y'all u-tube channel. Thanks mate!!
  7. I posted this in a Facebook group and didn't get a response, hopefully I can get one here. Thanks for any input. Adrian Proudfoot December 21 at 1:57 PM I have a question for the pulse induction guys here. I’m running a GPX5000, the reason to run these machines is mineralization and better depth and hopefully reach gold that has been missed by other machines that can’t go as deep. On my last trip to AZ I dug many targets but nothing over about 4”, you would think there would be something deeper. I realize a lot of places the ground is shallow. Another thing I noticed was places that had been dug we’re all shallow or just scrape marks. I have tested my machine and it has no problem finding targets at depth and I pay close attention to my threshold. I guess my question is for any of you guys running a bigger pi machine are you finding targets at any considerable depth. Sorry for the long post, but it was just on my mind. Cheers Adrian.
  8. Hi, my names Adrian. just wanted to introduce myself before I started asking questions. Unfortunately I live just outside of Fort Worth Texas, while its good for coin shooting and jewelry there's not to many nuggets to be found. I plan to make it out to Arizona every other month to search for the elusive yella stuff. I've been out there twice now, my first trip was around Prescott Valley area and my recent trip was north of Morristown. Although I haven't found any gold yet, I feel my research skills are improving and with a little luck, time and patience there's a piece of shinny with my name on it. Cheers Adrian.
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