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    Prospector of all trades with my delightful Hubs and our furkid! Gold Panning, Metal Detecting, Rockhounding ,Meteor wrongs, Just having a good time camping and hunting for things.

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  1. Nice to meet you as well sir ... Yes we reside on the Western Slope of Colorado and LOVE it .. Its our retirement spot... Our furkid thinks she is a St Bernard, but she would lick a person to death first... She is so loveable to most .. She senses who does and doesn't like dogs.. She is Medium sized and yep I agree the best people we know are dogs and the worst are people... People drive us crazy and we just walk away anymore !! We rescued her or she rescued us one way or another from a local no kill shelter. Wonderful baby girl of 9 years .... Here's to hoping you have a great holiday
  2. Be nice to us wives who gold prospect with their hubs.. I love to dredge; but I usually get stuck watching the furkid trying to get in the water with a rope around her so I don't lose her down the stream !!! I love to metal detect, gold pan, highbank, dry wash besides my other hobbies .. Keeps him on his toes !hahahaaha
  3. All I gotta say is glad they are richer !!!! woooohoooooooo
  4. Hope you all are warm and ready for Christmas !! We are cold dang it !!!it was 20 degrees last night and supposed to be like that all week !! But we do have the good ol Lopi Firestove a going and will be warming us up all night long!! Newbie to hunting Meteorites so any tips would be helpful as my furkid can't quite sniff them out yet ! haha We have metal detectors, diggers (of course we have all of that as we gold pan, dredge, metal detect) sure wish the furkid would learn how to metal detect then I could sleep ! We also rock hound and have found many wonderful things in Colora
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