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  1. Nah I have to stop you there mate but this is something ancient that belongs to the land that's been unearthed it is out of the ordinary it's a stone that's also been use as a sacred power tool.So how did your boomerang fly was it any good like the old aboriginal people used invented century's ago
  2. Thats the truth they are spirit's of this world they been here before us they are rulers of this world they all the same. People around the world can't accept it but it's real
  3. Mines get off the ground hang around on tree's thousand of baby orbs and theres a few big orb lights just beaming getting ready to go inside you to kill u they are workers of aboriginal witchcraft
  4. Well that's interesting so can u establish the time of the painting or could this rock art taken fossilisation as seen on the back of it but so it seems it has had carvings done on it what it appears to be and yes my thumbs are bruised from hard work mate.
  5. It seems you like to stand for your white clan power when it come to aboriginal history which you know nothing about I'm quite familiar with you Europeans everything you chaps done was inhumane and for the last time hilly it's not a wood agate so you can shove your wood agate up your butt and piss of if you don't like what u see
  6. Yes that indeed happened but generally speaking we were here before the Europeans. Scientists says we live on Australia for 40,000years that is not accurate we been here longer from when earth was created Australia is a dreamtime story to the aboriginal because there's a story to every strange unusual places sites rocks painting there was something evil that's been around that time nobody knows what but my ancestors witness those lights you see flying around in the sky what yous call ufo . I already know there's no need to explain them because the Bible tells you everything you need to know about this world
  7. I want hear from someone on here who is qualified enough to explain about this abit more
  8. Most of yous have different invalid opinion on this piece of history you have no solid concrete proof on this rock it's been around for billions years ago ..
  9. It's not a wood agate you don't know what you on about ? It's flintstone
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