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  1. Recycler

    Good dog.

    Tried to train my dog to smell out buried metal.She didn’t get the point(hah!)Really,it should be possible.Relic sites often have burnt wood,old leather and food cans,etc to give a more detectable door.Anybody tried it?
  2. Recycler

    Cowboy coffee

    Hmmm!Can looks a mite rusty to drink out of-scrub it out with some sand.My instant coffee powder caked up after a while,so I just threw likely pieces into a jar.Stir one into the hot water,and there you are!
  3. Recycler

    Enclosing photos

    Anybody know an easy way to shrink file size of IPhone images to display them in a forum?
  4. Recycler

    Error and rare found coins

    Thanks for the info.I have been looking for a highly durable digital way to carry some of this info with me.First time I fall in a creek or battery discharged,figure it’s goodbye smart phone reference.
  5. My Teknetics will give a one-time beep on a faint target then on re-sweep it won’t register.This is in wet,part muddy soil.Is it possible that dissolved metals in solution around the target are being re-arranged by the E/M field of the detector?
  6. Recycler

    Hello from Reno, Nv

    Would really like to hear how you do with your new Minelab.How deep,success in trashy areas,quirks you noticed.
  7. I try to maintain a reference file of known valuable coin errors to check against my finds.What appears to be just another dug up penny might actually be one that collectors want.