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  1. hoi everyone thanks for your comments and reactions i do post some more strange nice stones.
  2. hai bedrock bob, thanks for comment. that arrowhead you talking aboud it, i see this also on the winter-2017- gems&gemology issue, there you see the photo what a mean about that arrowhead above of this irregullar rough diamond. and i think that mineral of mine is may be gosshenite thats white beryl.
  3. hi dday, i have make a scratch test with scratch pencils from nr.5 to nr.10. so nr5 will not scratch, nr6 not scratch nr7 not scratch but nr8 will scratch it the S.G.= 3,10. now the mineral i am looks for on a list with same s.g. are elbaite sillimanite spodumene and zoisite, maybe many minerals have around this s.g. i dondt no.
  4. Hai D Day, thanks to answer me but how sure you are aboud this did you see that sharp triangel right in the corner well i see that same sign also on a photo of a rough diamond it has be the same sign. I no that most rough shapes have trigons on or inside it but not on irregullar shapes.
  5. Hello every one, i am new on this forum and i found many rocks and other minerals here in the Netherlands EU. The first mineral is like glassy looks, but i receive that on the side of it there are a structure if you see, and it goes from square to triangle how is that possible ? Then on the other picture you see the skin of this mineral, i do that with some Diamond pasta on a drill brush for hobbyist a dremell tool. now the reason why i do this, because i do this also on a piece of glass and see the different between the result of it, glass will look like milky, but this mineral you can see is like it hold together and dont let go of. Also with a Diamond drill head and make a line or curve on it, glass is very splintery and this mineral don"'t splintery also no dust get off. Photo nr.1 this is the mineral where i talk aboud it. Also you can see on one side there are some crow lines on it stepp likes picture 2, 4, 6, 7, and on photo 8. Square to triangel are on photo, 5, 9, 10,11, and 12. Skin like are photo, 14, and 15. Its meets 3cm long, 2cm wide, 2 and a halfcm hight. Its weight 16,4gr.
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