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  1. hoi everyone thanks for your comments and reactions i do post some more strange nice stones.
  2. hai bedrock bob, thanks for comment. that arrowhead you talking aboud it, i see this also on the winter-2017- gems&gemology issue, there you see the photo what a mean about that arrowhead above of this irregullar rough diamond. and i think that mineral of mine is may be gosshenite thats white beryl.
  3. hi dday, i have make a scratch test with scratch pencils from nr.5 to nr.10. so nr5 will not scratch, nr6 not scratch nr7 not scratch but nr8 will scratch it the S.G.= 3,10. now the mineral i am looks for on a list with same s.g. are elbaite sillimanite spodumene and zoisite, maybe many minerals have around this s.g. i dondt no.
  4. Hai D Day, thanks to answer me but how sure you are aboud this did you see that sharp triangel right in the corner well i see that same sign also on a photo of a rough diamond it has be the same sign. I no that most rough shapes have trigons on or inside it but not on irregullar shapes.
  5. Hello every one, i am new on this forum and i found many rocks and other minerals here in the Netherlands EU. The first mineral is like glassy looks, but i receive that on the side of it there are a structure if you see, and it goes from square to triangle how is that possible ? Then on the other picture you see the skin of this mineral, i do that with some Diamond pasta on a drill brush for hobbyist a dremell tool. now the reason why i do this, because i do this also on a piece of glass and see the different between the result of it, glass will look like milky, but this mineral you can see is
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