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  1. You laughing at me or is that always like that? What's the grey magnetic lump in the middle? Why are they setting off the metal detector on it's lowest sensitivity? I'm new to all of this and mostly just enjoy etching rocks in muriatic acid and I enjoy suiseki...I've ran that detector over alot of rocks and 99.9% don't set it off. So why these? I'm looking for answers not insults.
  2. Greetings, Pictured here are 4 different rocks all of which set off the metal detector and 3 of which a magnet will stick to. Is this ore My family doubts so much that these are worth anything that I began to doubt it myself, so I acid etched 2 of them with diluted muriatic to prove to them, (and myself), these were not normal rocks.....and these do not seem normal to me!!! (My family remains unimpressed, lol.) The first 4 pics are my most interesting one. I acid etched once, then saw that grey lump sticking out...so I did it again and now i
  3. Greetings, I've got some reeeaaally crazy looking quartz that I think might be ore. After etching it in diluted muriatic acid a couple of times I've exposed what seems to be a solid metal core. It's extremely bizarre. Can't wait to get some pictures up and some feedback from people who know what they're looking at. -Happy Trails
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