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  1. Went back to the Blue Chip Mine and what I found was AMAZING!
  2. Check out the ice stalagmites in my mine.
  3. Latest video on melting gold. Check it out on Youtube.
  4. Here is a link to my latest video on Using a Miller Table.
  5. Video of my gold collection up on YouTube this morning.
  6. Want to cast your own gold and silver bars? Check out the video.
  7. Went back to the Blue Chip Mine to see what had become of the squatters and mess they left. Here is a video on what I found.
  8. Here is my latest video on using a Batea gold pan.
  9. Here is my latest. How long does it take to high bank one ounce of gold?
  10. My latest video, demonstrating how long it takes to pan 1 ounce of gold with just a gold pan.
  11. Quick family trip to find some opals before the snow kicks us out of the back hills completely.
  12. Heading back to the Fraser tomorrow, Wish me luck in the comments to this video. I want to see how many I get.
  13. Here is my latest video. A lazy day gold panning in the sunshine on the Fraser river.
  14. Here is a video of my best nugget. Very unexpected because of where it was. And for around here, this is gigantic! I know not for some of the places you guys detect.
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