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  1. Still the same email, Garyanddorthy@gmail.com
  2. I got no email, from the forum, not yet anyway, but I'm still here, For now. Grubstake
  3. Looks like water worn rocks, but its hard to tell if, that Quartz or some other white rock. Grubstake
  4. I just talked to Pondmn, He just had one, I'm not going to put myself through that, I'll prob. die of a heart attack before the prostate. Grubstake
  5. A cargo net and a snatch block, with a hand crank winch works very well, Grubstake
  6. Yes, gilaro, I'm on the blood thinners for life also, count has gone up, 14 heart attacks now, 11 stents, and a 5 X's bypas. no more gold hunting for me either, Now the Va wants me to have a byopsy on my prostate, because my PSA went from 7.0 to 15.9 in a years time, not going to happen I think, I'm 72 and don't see a need for it. Grubstake
  7. I just got out of the hospital Monday, Sunday I sneezed and had a real bad nose bleed, I'm on blood thinners, I lost over a pint of blood, they kept me in the hospital over night, . Grubstake
  8. Looks like a hacker or spammer got in the forum? Grubstake
  9. Yep, I can remember $35.00 an OZ too, but was not gold mining back then, I was over in Monterey, getting my self ready to go in the army, in 66, But after I got out in 73, I started dredging on weekends, in the Merced river, then went to work driving longhaul truck for 25 years, and then I went full time gold mining for a couple of years, sold lots of oz's for less than twohundred an oz, just to keep going. Grubstake
  10. I guess, I'm old, I can remember when it was just $200.00 an oz, Grubstake
  11. Just used that as a timeline AU, maybe I should have said Jan. 2021. Grubstake
  12. Yeh, your funny Morlock. Grubstake
  13. Gold has gone down alot since Biden got in, so whats behind it? Grubstake
  14. Before i went to Vietnam, my company lined up and we went through a gontlet, shots with an air injector in both arms, I think we got around 6 shots all on the same day, for different thing, Never hurt me a bit! Grubstake
  15. I got mine first one at the Fresno Va, no side effects, I get my second one on the 5th, My wife got hers in Merced at the Mercy hospital, No side effects either, we are both heart patients and both have diabetes, she gets her second shot on the 10th. and we are both 72 years young. Grubstake
  16. I got kids older than you Dave, Grubstake
  17. Thank you all had a good day, took naps and watched TV, No super bowl, I can't stand them people taking knee's. Grubstake
  18. Thanks Jer, you must have called while I was in Mariposa, taking the wife to church. Tom, I don't drink, never have in my life, got too many other things to worry about without messiung my head up with drinking.Grubstake
  19. Happy Birthday Dave, I'm 72 how young are you today. Grubstake
  20. Thanks, for the birthday wishe's, I get my Covid shot at 10 Am in the morning at the fresno VA, Thats my present! Ha! Ha! Grubstake
  21. Great Finds Terry, I did almost the same thing back in 1990, found a really nice cashe of coins, on the Merced river.Grubstake
  22. Its called an SCSSpinal Cord Stimulator, made bt Mettonics, and it interupts the pain signals, it is covered by most insurance, and the batteries last 9 years, its like a pacemaker, For your spine, Its A neurostimulator, wife can't have surgery on her back either, its a in and out proceedure. Grubstaker
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