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  1. Its called an SCSSpinal Cord Stimulator, made bt Mettonics, and it interupts the pain signals, it is covered by most insurance, and the batteries last 9 years, its like a pacemaker, For your spine, Its A neurostimulator, wife can't have surgery on her back either, its a in and out proceedure. Grubstaker
  2. You could try what, they are going to put in my wifes back, its got two wires that they feed up the spine through a 1 inch incission, and has a pacemaker like thing, that they put in your hip muscel and it tells your brain your not in pain, Wife is getting hers next month, my daughter has one, and it works great. Grubstake
  3. We need a new 2021 calendar, like we had in 2007, with gold pictures on and mining pictures on it, Randy wright did the one in 2007, and a dollar off each one went to a No-kill shelter. I know I'd give $15.00 for one, or maybe even two, Grubstake
  4. Looks like serpentine with a quartz vien running through it to me! Grubstake
  5. Just to let you know, it only works for the VA tele med. Grubstake
  6. Just a quick word on this, the VA will give you free I-pads to disabled Vets that have to drive too far to see a DR. Your primary care can order it for you, I got mine today, so I can do tele confersering with them. Grubstake
  7. I'm going all out and say gold will get very close to $3000.00 by Christmas! Grubstake
  8. Sheps Big one pound nugget, just got more expencive! Grubstake
  9. Going to hit $2,000.00 before friday. Grubstake
  10. I think $2000.00 an oz. before Christmas. Grubstake
  11. Great finds, they must have been useing the wood bits to drill fishing holes! Ha! Ha! Grubstake
  12. Last post said, DRS. told him he had only a few weeks to live, I PMED him and he told me there was no hope, he was dying, Grubstake
  13. Has anyone heard from Rick, since he said he was dying from cancer? Grubstake
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