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  1. I think $2000.00 an oz. before Christmas. Grubstake
  2. Great finds, they must have been useing the wood bits to drill fishing holes! Ha! Ha! Grubstake
  3. Last post said, DRS. told him he had only a few weeks to live, I PMED him and he told me there was no hope, he was dying, Grubstake
  4. Has anyone heard from Rick, since he said he was dying from cancer? Grubstake
  5. Maybe, who knows, I have not been gold detecting, in many years now, my body' says no, but my mind says yes. Grubstke
  6. Doc, its http://facebook.com/terrysCuttingEdge Grubstake He's got some really nice stuff.
  7. Prob. It knocked out the Verizon Cell tower about 1/2 mile from my house. Grubstake
  8. Slim we felt it aqll the way up here in Catheys Valley , Ca. it was really hard too. Grubstake
  9. Costco is having a special on a three pack, with batteries, for $15.00 they are good, no strobe, I use them all the time Duracell 500 lumens Item # 1193814 Grubstake
  10. Not an arrow head, maybe a spear point? Grubstake
  11. There is plenty in Mn. Some of the people went over to fight with them. and thats a fact. Grubstake
  12. Now just what the heck would happen, if ISiS decided, now is a good time to send in some bombers with vests in to these crowds, Grubstake
  13. Well BOb, you let these punks, put my life or my wifes life in danger, aqnd they will be met with deadly force, the END! Grubstake
  14. If they would start useing real bullets, on this crap, it would make them think about it, Grubstake
  15. My thought are Yes it could be, since sandstone is a sediment, I don't see why it could not be found in it, its found in river bottoms and lake beds. My thoughts . Grubstake
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