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  1. grubstake

    Got a New to My 1994 Chevy G20 van

    As far as the blower, on the air, I had to have mine blown out with an air hose, it was full of leaves and dirt, but now it blows like new. Grubstake
  2. grubstake

    Dry Washing Gold Basin

    Trade it for a dredge! Grubstake
  3. grubstake

    Hard Lesson Learned For A Little Nugget

    You can't beat that CAT jumper box, I've had it for two years, and I charge it up once a month, carry it right behind my seat, I've had to ju,p people off in walmart parking lot before, and only had to use for my truck twice, but its payed for its shelf. Grubstake
  4. grubstake

    Hard Lesson Learned For A Little Nugget

    Back in the 70's around 1975, My uncle and I were come to Calif. from Texas, he was tired driving, so he pulled over and as we were switching out, he hit the gas peddle, and the engine raced, well it burned up the points, we filed them and cleaned them, no luck, this was a sunday. We hiched a ride into town, it was 21 miles from Deming Nm. Nothing open but a junk yard. Well we got a used set of pionts,and it was getting dark, We could not get one person to give us a ride, and we were both just wearing T-shirts, no jackets. temps got down around freezing, Well we walk that 21 miles in 41/2 hours. just to keep warm. Lesson learned! Good thing we that we both had got out of the Military not too long before that and we were both in great shape.Still kicked our ass though! Grubstake
  5. grubstake

    Hard Lesson Learned For A Little Nugget

    I carry a CAT jumper box, I bought at Costco, $65.00 it has a usb port, air compressor and a 110 inverter, and I've jumped my uncles Ford diesel off a few times with it, I always keep it with me. well worth the money. Grubstake
  6. grubstake

    Making arrows

    Making arrows, would make me Quiver. Grubstake
  7. grubstake

    RV Cover

    Use white Elastameric coating, my uncle was in the roofing business, and they used it for walking decks, in fact I built a ramp for my wife and coated it with it, you can buy it a lowes in 5 gallon buckets, but its around 75.00 for it. Grubstake
  8. grubstake

    Happy Birthday azdigger

    Happy Birthday Rick. Grubstake
  9. grubstake

    Best day ever !!

    Very Nice day I'd say, Congrats. Always like seeing finds. Grubstake
  10. He's been off the forums for a few yearsnow, sometimes I see him at the postoffice, If I do I'll see if he will call DOC. Grubstake
  11. I know he said he sod all his detecting stuff, Rob, but may have the same ph#. Grubstake
  12. I don't know if you still have his ph#, but I don't. Grubstake
  13. Yes Doc, that was Matt Evens. Here in Mariposa. But he's working for the County now, and sometime soon is moving to Montana. Grubstake
  14. grubstake

    Missing Forum Member Tortuga

    Hope they find him! Grubstake