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  1. Like Mel Tillis said: Don't give me no plastic saddle! I want to feel that leather when I ride! Same thing for gold!
  2. Ok, Terry. my email is: garyanddorthy@gmail.com thanks Gary
  3. Good going Terry, glad you made some money on it. when are you going to send me the pictures of the knives? Grubstake
  4. Hey, Gary...I'm in FB jail but wanted to wish you a speedy recovery...Keep us posted on your progress!  Cheers, Unc


    1. grubstake


      I see the Heart DR. at 2 pm tomorrow, I may need a pace maker, my heart is all out of wack. Thanks RON.

  5. I personally think its stoden gold that has been re-melted and cast into a nugget! My opinion Grubstake
  6. Try useing P-& its good, you will have to let it set all night, but should work, on top off the super glue. Grubstake
  7. I can tell you, I've met aqlot of Country Stars in my 25 years of Driving longhaul truck, and he's right in the ball park with them, I hope he keeps it up. And hope he's a detectorist too.Grubstake
  8. You just never know,BMc. lots of planets in the solar system, My thinking is, why would god just put people or beings on this little ball in the solar system? Grubstake My mind is an open book! Even if some of the pages are torn! Ha! Ha!
  9. You know they were testing the Bi stealth bomber for a year or two, before they finally admitted to the public, and then showed it to the public. Grubstake
  10. They are time travelers! In time maybe everyone will find out what it really is! Grubstake
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