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  1. grubstake

    Hmmm, Decisions

    Funny Rick. Grubstake
  2. grubstake

    What to do....

    Someone has a GPX 5000 for a killer price on Robs forum, but I'd get the serial # checked first. to make sure its real. Grubstake
  3. grubstake

    2nd Hit

    Bill, anything else. I would go postal Money ordes. Atleast you can't get taken on those, They will either cash them or not, The post office. If you cash them at the bank. they still might be counterfit. If the PO cashes them, then they will get Postal inspector on the job. Grubstake
  4. grubstake

    2nd Hit

    Damned Bill, you need a good hit man. to fix his wagon. Sorry your dealing with this. Grubstake. Postal money orders, is the only way to go, Money upfront. Cash them before you ship! Bill you should atleast, post the name of this person, for all on the forum to see. Or just PM it to me!
  5. grubstake

    Minelab GPZ7000 detector For Sale

    You were offered a boat in trade! Grubstake
  6. grubstake

    Minelab GPZ7000 detector For Sale

    They tell me, that a boat is a hole in the water, you throw money into! Ha! Ha!Grubstake Guy next to me has 4 boats
  7. grubstake

    Full time prospecting?

    Funny Fred! Grubstake
  8. grubstake

    Full time prospecting?

    Yeh,Fred. look how rich you got doing that! Grubstake
  9. grubstake

    Bad News, Good News...

    Dang Ron, you trying to catch up to me? I've had 13 heart attacks, got 11 stents, and had a 5X's bypass, I got so much metl in my heart, I can't have an MRI, no joke on that. Just can't keep us old farts down! Get better. Grubstake
  10. grubstake

    Gold Buyers in Prescott ?

    Geeez Adamhe was just trying to help you. Chill out guy. Grubstake
  11. Wow,DOC, praying for you! Not a good deal to have it done twice! kind of like refiried beans! Nevr figured why you have to frie them twice! Ha! Ha! Get well Grubstake
  12. grubstake

    New to ME Quad for the outings

    Cool, now you don't have to walk as much. grubstake
  13. grubstake

    darn Elizabeth Warren !

    ell, Jerry got to go home today, I'll let him post here when he feels like it, about whats going on. Lots of stuff. health wise with him. Grubstake
  14. grubstake

    darn Elizabeth Warren !

    Last one of those I had was just before I went to Nam in 67, Hurt like hell. 50cc shot, yes Jerry is getting his in IV, 3 liters one night, and 3 liters the next, don't know if he is getting another 3 tonight or not, I figured, I'd let him rest. Grubstake